Top Picked Dog Food for Pitbulls in 2024

best food guide article for pitbull pet owners

Looking for the Best Dog Food for Pitbulls? Well, then you have to consider some really special needs for that. As Pitbulls are a kind of dog that requires special treatment, you can not just go with any normal dog. So, today in this guide I will be telling you everything about Pitbull dog foods … Read more

Common Causes of Dog Itchy Ears and Home Remedies

dog itchy ears cause and treatments

Is your dog itching its ears too much? If yes, then let me tell you that dog itching their ear can be very uncomfortable to them and you can help to get rid of your Dog Itchy Ears with a few easy tricks and home remedies. Dog itching their ears is quite a common thing … Read more

Police shares Helpline number for Stray Dog Feeders: Details

police forms advocate team to help stray dog feeders

Good News for Stray Dog Feeders. Are you a pet owner trying to help street dogs? Do you love dogs and want to take care of the dogs living on the streets? Are you someone who is facing trouble from the people of your area while feeding animals or dogs living on the streets? If … Read more

US Faces a New Dog Respiratory Disease, What Scientist Has to Say

unknown dog respiratory disease in US

A new Dog Respiratory Disease has come to light as more than 200 dogs have been affected in more than 16 United States since August this year. Some dogs even died due to this mysterious respiratory illness. But the more serious news is that this dog disease is yet unknown to scientists. Scientists haven’t yet … Read more

Dog Brain Exercises: 10 Ways Make Your Dog Smart

how to make your dog smart

Have you ever seen a dog doing the most complicated tasks like solving a puzzle, helping their owners in everyday work, or doing a video call? Not all dogs can do these things, but those who grow up with strong mental health can easily understand you. The importance of Mental exercises is very high for … Read more

German Shepherd gets corrected by Kangal because of rough play⁣

Kangal gives death stare warning to GSD for rough play

What do you think about dogs? They are Animals? They are just dogs with good sniffing ability and strong ears, is that all you think? Well, your thoughts about dogs will be changed after seeing this viral video of a Kangal Dog giving a death stare to a German Shepherd to warn him because of … Read more

Common Dog Paw Disease, Symptoms and Treatments

Common dog paw problems and treatments

Just like humans, Dogs are prone to many kinds of diseases. I would say they are more vulnerable to these infections and sicknesses. So, today in this article, we are going to tell you about common dog paw diseases, their Symptoms, and Treatments. If you are a concerned dog parent then you must be aware … Read more

Best Multivitamin Supplements for Dogs in India (2024)

multivitamins for dogs in India

Looking for the best Multivitamin Supplements for Dogs? Well, there are many Dog Multivitamin brands available in India. Some of them are good but some others are just like fake products fooling people in the market. But do not worry, we are here because we care. Today in this blog, we are going to share … Read more

Winter Illnesses in Dogs, Symptoms, and Treatments

Winter illnesses in dogs are a real problem that many pet parents ignore. Today in this guide, we will tell you about the most common Winter illnesses in dogs and their symptoms. So that you can identify your dog’s health issues before they worsen. We will also share preventions for these winter diseases in dogs … Read more

5 Calcium Supplements For Dogs in India| Vet Approved (2024)

best calcium supplements for dogs

Looking for calcium supplement for your dogs? Today PetFactsNGuide is here with some of the best Vet Approved Calcium Supplements for Dogs in India. I have seen many people buying random calcium syrup and tablets from local vets. if you are living in a small town then there is a big chance your vet will … Read more