Common Dog Paw Disease, Symptoms and Treatments

Just like humans, Dogs are prone to many kinds of diseases. I would say they are more vulnerable to these infections and sicknesses. So, today in this article, we are going to tell you about common dog paw diseases, their Symptoms, and Treatments.

If you are a concerned dog parent then you must be aware of any kind of health issues of your pet. We always tend to play with their little paws. Also, with these paws, they jump around here and there leading to accidents, infections, and diseases on their paws.

If your dog often plays around in the grass field or you often see cracks, rashes, or red spots on your dog’s paw then this article is for you. So, without wasting any more time, let’s start with the most common Dog Paw diseases. We will also include the dog paw disease symptoms so that you can easily recognize what kind of dog paw infection your dog has and do Treatments for Dog paw disease.

What is Dog Paw Disease

It may look like they are well protected because they are animals and have fur but it is not true. Dogs run on the ground barefoot. So, it is very common that they end up getting cuts, infections, and other kinds of diseases on their paws.

So, it would help if you learned about these Paw infections and Disease Treatments. In the below section, we are going to list the most common Paw disease symptoms and how to treat such paw infections or diseases at home.

Dog Paw Disease, Symptoms and Treatments

As we have mentioned dogs get many kinds of paw diseases and infections. These dog paw diseases depend on what environment your dog is living in and playing.

However, with a little awareness and precaution, your dog can stay away from these paw diseases. Here are some common Dog paw diseases and their treatments that you should know about-

Cracks in Paw

Dog Paw Disease, Symptoms and Treatments

Cracks in Dog Paws are the most common problem of all. Almost 90% of dogs have cracks in their paws and most of the parents ignore this, thinking that their paws are not skinned, and it is common to have little cracks in them because they stay barefoot.

But let me tell you guys that these cracks are quite serious for dogs and if you do not give it attention, it may end up becoming an infection and give you trouble. But at an early stage, you can easily cure these kinds of dog paw problems before they go serious.

Treatment and Home remedy for Dog Paw Cracks:

To treat the cracks in your dog’s paws and fix them in no time, all you need to do is give it a little attention and care. Here are a few things you can do to treat dog paw cracks at home-

Wash your dog’s paw every evening or night before going to bed and dry it well.

Once dried, apply this Papa Pasome Paw Cream on their paws. If you do not want to use market products then you can simply use Coconut oil and massage their paws very well.

After that, let them go to bed. Remember not to do this in the morning or daytime because the oil can catch more dirt and debris, increasing the chance of infection.

Dog Paw Allergy

Allergies can be triggered for many reasons. It can be something that is not suitable for your dog or outside things, food, or even insects. Allergies can appear in other body parts too but here we are talking about Dog Paw allergies.

Red inflammation, abrasion, pododermatitis, or red pimple-type spots under our dog’s paw or in between those paw fingers indicate that they are having an allergy symptom.

If you notice that your dog paw has red inflammation, pododermatitis, or red pimples in the paw skins or between the paw fingers, you can get a medicine called Kiskin Ointment.


Kiskin Ointment is a medicine that is specially made for dogs’ skin infections. Simply wash your dog’s paws and apply the ointment. Do this 2 times a day. It is better to apply the medicine one time before going to sleep so that it can work the best.

Interdigital Cysts

Interdigital cysts, also known as interdigital furuncles or interdigital pyoderma, are painful, inflamed nodules or lumps that form between a dog’s toes. It is a serious issue. Here are the symptoms and treatment options for interdigital cysts in dogs:

Dog paw disease mainly shows symptoms like swelling between the toes. If your dog has Interdigital Cysts then it may give less pressure to the affected paw and you will notice they are having difficulty walking. These swelling Interdigital cysts can cause swelling between the toes.

The skin around the infected area will become red and inflamed. Your dog will also try to lick and bite the area to minimize the pain but do not let them as their linking can worsen the situation.

Some cysts may discharge pus or a kind of fluid too.

Interdigital Cysts may occur due to many reasons such as bacterial infection, poor grooming, foreign object infection, allergy staying for long, etc.


What you can do is observe the place closely and check how serious it is. You can also send pictures to your vet to know a more detailed inspection. Visit the vet if the condition is really serious and your dog has a pus discharge.

To promote healing you can give your dog a cone so that it can not lick the area. Clean the area twice a day and apply for ointment medicine.

Warm soak bath the area to promote faster healing.

Give antibiotics suggested by a vet. Also, clean the paw and their sleeping area and maintain hygiene.

Common Infections

Last but not least the the other common infection in dog paws. As it is mentioned dogs run around barefoot, so it is highly likely to get infections on their paws due to paw pad burns, fungal or bacterial infections, or due to getting cuts by foreign objects.

Any of these accidental incidents can lead to dog paw infection and if not taken care of at an early stage, it can get your dog into trouble.


Check if your dog’s paw pads got burned and flattened the paw area.

Check if there are any cut or foreign objects on their paw or in between the paw fingers.

Notice if your dog is feeling pain and showing symptoms like biting, licking, and not using the paw for walking.

See if the nails are grown big and touching the skin or not.

Many times, they get fungal infections too. If you see hard bumps, irritation, skin flakes, and red dots kind of symptoms then it is a fungal infection. If worsens it can discharge pus too.


In severe cases, get your dog to your vet and let them have a close check. If you see it is a normal infection just giving your dog irritation then you can try home remedies too.

Maintain hygiene of your dog’s paws and apply the Kiskin Ointment for dogs. You can also apply this home remedy to cure any infection including dog paw infections.

Get some coconut oil in a spoon.

Add a few mint leaves.

Now heat the solution in the fire and let it cool down.

Apply the solution and massage the infected area. Apply this solution, 3-4 times a day to keep the area moisturized and clean. It should cure the dog paw infection in 3-4 days. If you do not see any results in 5 days then visit your vet and ask them for help.

Final Words: Common dog paw problems can occur from time to time. All you need to do is give some extra care and take care of it quickly. These Dog Paw infections and diseases are not that serious but if you ignore then they may become a big issue.

So, learn from these Dog Paw disease symptoms and Treat them at home as quickly as possible.

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