Make this Stylish and Healthy Sweet/Mithai for Dogs in every Occasion

stylish and healthy mithai for dogs

We always have heard that sweets are not good for dogs, and it is true. Too much sugar content can potentially harm your dog and can create many problems. But that won’t stop our love for pets and giving some sweets every once in a while. And why not, dogs love sweets, right? So, to … Read more

Turmeric for Dogs: 10 Health Benefits, and Uses

turmeric for dogs benefits and uses

While Humans have been using Turmeric for ages for its medicinal properties, this amazing medicinal herb can cure many health problems in dogs as well. If you are a concerned pet parent and you want to prevent and cure common health issues at home then this article is for you. Today in this blog, we … Read more

8 Medicinal Herbs for Dogs and Health Benefits

Ayurvedic herbs for dogs are so effective that they can make most of the common dog diseases go away. Apart from healthy food nutrition, Herbs and Medicinal plants play a crucial role in both Humans and Dogs. If you are curious about what kind of Herbs you can give to your Pet dog for their … Read more

Top Picked Dog Food for Pitbulls in 2024

best food guide article for pitbull pet owners

Looking for the Best Dog Food for Pitbulls? Well, then you have to consider some really special needs for that. As Pitbulls are a kind of dog that requires special treatment, you can not just go with any normal dog. So, today in this guide I will be telling you everything about Pitbull dog foods … Read more

6 Low Cost Homemade Dog Food Recipes for Street Dogs

low cost homemade desi dog food recipes for indian street dogs

The best Homemade Meal recipe for Street Dogs is here. If you are a concerned Indian citizen and want to provide a helping hand to stray dogs then let me tell you that, you do not need a lot of money to provide food to our lovely paws on the street. Today in this article, … Read more

Best Homemade Dental Treats for Dogs

Homemade dental chew treats for dogs

Chewy Treats are important for your dogs too. Dogs love to chew all the time. It is not just their plaything but also it can help to stabilize their mental health, promote good sleep, promote gum health, etc. We can get many dental chews from the market but we can all imagine how bad they … Read more

Indian Pariah Puppy Feeding Guide 

Indian Pariah Puppy Feeding Guide

Indian Pariah Puppy Feeding Guide: Got a Desi Dog Puppy and don’t know what to do? In this post, we will share every bit of detail that will help you with how to take care of and how to feed a Desi Dog Puppy.   Indian Pariah or Desi Dogs are not just street dogs. They … Read more

Best Chicken Rice Recipe for Small Dog Breeds

best chicken and rice recipe for small dogs

Chicken and rice based food for small breed dogs can be a little different from the large breed dog or medium dogs. Balance nutrients, right amount of food, and the preparation should be according to the age, size, and Interest of your dog. I have a small breed dog and her weight is around 5 … Read more

Best Diet for Indian Spitz Dogs

Best Diet for Indian Spitz Dogs

Indian Spitz Dog Diet is something that people often look for on the internet. Food is very crucial for every dog. Specially softies like Indian spitz require food with proper nutrients otherwise they may show many health issues in the long run. So, giving the best diet for your Indian Spitz is the first important … Read more