Indian Pariah Puppy Feeding Guide 

Indian Pariah Puppy Feeding Guide: Got a Desi Dog Puppy and don’t know what to do? In this post, we will share every bit of detail that will help you with how to take care of and how to feed a Desi Dog Puppy.  

Indian Pariah or Desi Dogs are not just street dogs. They are the pride of our India. Many of us do not know that Indian Pariah dogs can only be found in India and in a few other neighboring countries. We feel very happy that people these days are accepting these dogs and helping, and giving them shelter. So, if you also have brought an Indian Pariah(Desi Dog) Puppy home then this guide will help you with the first thing which is feeding and Caring. 

In this Indian Pariah Puppy Puppy Feeding Guide, we will learn how and what to feed a Desi Dog puppy under age of 3 weeks. And we will also share a proper guide for how to feed a Desi Dog Puppy during their entire Puppy age which is from 3 months to 12 months.



You just bought a puppy home and now you are confused about what to feed him at such a tender age and which diet will be the best for him?

We got you! 

It is always recommended for your puppy to feed on its mother’s milk for the first month of its birth which contains the best balance of nutrition for a newborn puppy.

If you are raising a puppy without the mother, you can always go for formula milk specially made for puppies, This is the best option available in the market. But it is not a milk formula for a kitten or human newborn.


Puppies should be nursed and taken care of just like our human babies, There are uncertain times when bottle feeding the puppy is necessary in case of “orphaned” or any underlying disease of the mother that can affect the puppy. Thus feeding formula milk comes in rescue but one must know, how to feed, how much, and what amount to feed, if done the wrong way it can further cause illnesses or even death. 

Tips to bottle feed an Indian Pariah Puppy

•Get a pet nurser bottle with a nipple specifically designed for puppy feeding.

• Get the best substitute milk replacer suggested.

• Read the instructions given on the milk replacer packet and pour the premix accordingly.

• Sterile the bottle by placing it in a hot bowl of water and wait for it to warm until it reaches body temperature.

• Make sure the nipple is not leaked and perfectly drips milk each time.

• Make your puppy comfortable, place them on your lap in a down position on a towel, and gently insert the nipple in their mouth.

• Do not rush and squeeze the bottle to speed up feeding.

• gently stop when the puppy stops sucking and slows down.

• Make sure they are swallowing the milk.

• newborn puppies need to be fed every 2-3 hours

• Puppies need to be stimulated for urination after every feed. Wipe the area of the vulva or penis with warm wet clothes for stimulation.

Puppy replacer products generally provide all the instructions of a “HOW TO” guide for a healthy and happy tummy of your puppy.

Weaning – Mother’s Milk to Solid Food

Most people will start to wean their puppy after 5weeks. As best suggested by the veterinarian. This is the time when we start introducing the puppy to solid food slowly. 

To start with use rice and boiled chicken or veggies such as carrots, beans, cauliflower, etc Make sure to boil the food properly and make a broth or soupy texture of the meal that you are feeding your puppy, or you can always add extra water to wet the puppy food, why? This is easy for your puppy to gulp down as the wet and soupy texture is not hard to chew.

 • Get your puppy’s interest in food. Put your finger on the mush and let your pup lick it this will make them quickly lap up the food.

 • There is no such guide about how much your puppy should be eating, To put a count on food, make sure to weigh your puppy daily to check on the food chart given by the veterinarian and give food according to their weight. You want your puppy to grow healthy but not overweight.

 •Nutritional weaning is completed when your puppy is only eating puppy food and is no longer in need of nursing at all. 

Feeding your Puppy after Weaning

What to feed a Desi Dog Puppy after leaving mothers milk

Once your puppy is fully weaned, keep a check on their diet and their weight and we will help you to prepare formulated meals ideal for growth with balanced nutrition and supplements for physical and psychological development. 

It is very important as a pet parent to follow up on your puppy’s feeding chart along with your veterinarian’s advice. Your vet may provide you with suggestions according to your puppy’s need i.e. overweight or underweight. Or has any nutrition deficiency. 

A Balanced Homemade Meal

A balanced homemade meal is all you need to keep your pup healthy and growing. Make sure to prepare food that is balanced and has a complete source of essential nutrients, the biggest mistake you can make is to feed a meal that is imbalanced. 

Take your time to measure out the ingredients you are putting into the homemade meal, and be sure you have a schedule and priority to prepare your puppy’s food regularly.

Ingredients                     Grams
Chicken, eggs, red meat –     
Protein source
Cooked Rice-                 
Carbohydrates source
Mixed vegetables-                   
Fibers source
Fish oil, Vegetable oil-           
Soybean oil-
Fat source

Nutritional Supplements for your Puppy

Vitamin D– Calcium is an important mineral for pets. It helps your pawpaw to grow and maintain healthy bones and teeth, proper muscle building, and good heart health. Dogs and humans cannot produce this mineral all in their body so it is essential that they obtain calcium from their diet. Milk! Milk has it all. You can feed your dog milk once a day in an adequate amount. Too much milk can cause health issues. Although it varies according to their stage. 

Protein– Protein helps to support in improving a dog’s immune system, Make sure to include rich sources of protein such as fish, eggs, paneer, or Chicken in their diet. Give in the correct quantity and quality, do not give raw fish as it can be harmful to dogs. Boiled chicken with broth is the best source of protein for dogs. As it contains low fat and is high in all essential amino acids. It is always better to visit a vet and get a diet chart for your dog. If needed your vet may prescribe better supplements available in the market these days which can replenish the protein requirements of your dog. 

Do’s and don’ts: Indian Pariah Puppy Feeding Guide


Dogs have a sweet tooth. But is it really safe to give a little bit of sweetness and calories every time you are eating some? The habit of giving your pet sweets even though they like it. It can only cause harm to your dog. It leads to obesity in dogs so it is better to restrict giving calories and sweets to dogs which will be beneficial for your dog in the long run. 


Do not feed your dog raw eggs. As it can be highly contaminated and contain salmonella germ. Cooking/ boiling an egg is always a good idea to help reduce your dog’s chances of contracting with germs. Although once in a while is okay do not turn this into a habit.


Chocolate is toxic to dogs. It can also be rarely fatal. It contains theobromine which humans can easily metabolize but dogs cannot and it can be poisonous to them. 

TIP FROM PET PARENTs for Indian Pariah Puppy Feeding Guide

A very important tip as a pet parent myself is to provide your dog with timely meals which will not only develop a good eating discipline but also keep your dog healthy and active without gastric problems. Two measured protein nutrients-filled meals a day will suffice. And a light snacking or treat can be given. But do not overdo feeding on junk food.

Therefore a balanced diet must contain 6nutrients – water, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. Do not overdo feeding as they may feel sluggish, which can lead to many health issues in the future. Giving a balanced diet filled with essential vitamins is a yay. Rather than feeding your pet a lot more unnecessaries in order to ensure good health of your pet.

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Final Words: Indian Pariah’s are good companion just like other dog breeds. They have always shown their pet side to those who have given them some love. If you also decided to bring a Desi Dog Puppy home then you should take care of these notes mentioned in this article.

Desi Dogs are tough, they can go with human food too. But as a Puppy, it is important to take care for their diet. You can give them normal home food after they are in their adult hood.

Good Luck with Parenting!

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