Bobi lived 31 Years, Here is How your Dog can too

The Guinness World Record holder for Oldest Dog, Bobi passed away on 23 October 2023. The goodest boy lived for more than 31 years and 165 days. Most of us believe that dogs live 12-15 years at most. But we often see dogs living such long lives. So, why do some dogs live that long? Today we are going to discuss about Secret behind Bobi’s long life and How your dog can live long too.

There is a simple answer to this question and the answer lies in living healthy and organic. After seeing Bobi’s viral post of entering the Guinness World Record book for being the oldest dog, you might be thinking if your dog can live that long too and yes, they might. Bobi Lived 31 years, and your Dog can too.

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Secret Behind Bobi’s Long Life

Secret Behind Bobi's Long Life

According to his parent Mr Costas, his dog Bobi lived such a healthy and trouble-free life. Bobi was born in 1992 with his 3 siblings. But Mr Costa’s father put down the 3 Siblings because they already had too many animals in their house.

However, Bobi escaped and lived. Later Bobi became a part of their family. Bobi lived so long and the reason behind his longevity is his free life in their village. Mr Costas also mentioned that Bobi used to have a Breathing problem and that is why he was taken to the hospital for the first time.

Along the way during Bobi’s old age, he also faced trouble walking and poor eyesight but he still continued to live with proudful health with Mr Costas.

But the main secret behind his longevity lies in his entire lifestyle. Mr Costas said that Bobi used to eat 100% organic food with his family. He had never eaten any expired, processed, or table scraps, or rotten food in his entire life.

Mr Costas used to grow all the food in his garden and the Dog Bobi was the little garden keeper for them eating all the healthy food whenever he wanted. They always provided him not only nutritious food but also they were always fresh.

Homegrown Vegetables, Meat for protein, and little carbs were Bobi’s main intake. He ate only what was necessary for a dog.

Mr Costas also mentions another reason behind Bobi’s long life is his worry-free life in the village and a lot of loving friends. Their village is very clean, it has clean air, clean fields, a clean environment, and clean-minded people too. They hardly leashed Bobi letting him live and wander around freely in the village. Bobi made a lot of friends with other animals and human beings. Also, villagers loved him and cared for him so much. Thus his happiness was at the top.

Another reason behind Bobi’s healthy life, like a goodest boy he regularly went for walks, did enough activities, played, and worked with his family. Mr Costas also mentioned Bobi always went to the field with them helped in work and ate a few veggies along the way.

All these human behaviors and healthy habits made Bobi happy and the healthiest dog ever lived and by following these structures of dog living, your dog can live longer like Bobi.

Bobi’s long life was sure a miracle but at least if you give your dog organic food, take him on a regular walk, and keep him happy, he will also live long and won’t face any critical health issues in his old age.

5 Quick Tips for Your Dog’s Healthy Lifestyle

5 Quick Tips for Your Dog's Healthy Lifestyle

A Puppy will need some packaged food but when your dog is at least one year old, give them a 100% organic meal every time. They need 2 times their belly full meal which is enough. So, give them a bowlful meal that must include at least 2-3 vegetables, rice, 30-40% meat in the bowl, and curd for digestion. You can also add essential small amounts of oils like coconut oil, or fish oil. Supplements aren’t that necessary but for the large breed dog, I would suggest you get a recommendation from a trusted Vet.

After his food routine, you must focus on daily exercise to give your dog a long and healthy life. A dog needs exercise every single day and you do too. So, do not be lazy and take your dog on a walk. It doesn’t only save them from health issues but also makes them happy which is indeed needed for their long and worry-free life.

I would say no to medicines but regular health checkups are also necessary for our dogs too. So, always take your dog to the Vet.

Help your dog to be friendly and masterful. It will help them to learn a lot about life and over time they will be responsible for their action which is a good thing for their future.

You know that a dog’s IQ is equal to a kid’s IQ. So, in many cases, you have to take care of their needs. Like us, they need to clean themselves regularly, and not only cleaning, I massage my dog’s coat and skin with coconut oil every Sunday and then give him a bath. Also, trimming their nails, brushing their teeth, and cleaning their paws are good habits to do.

Last but not least, learn about their health problems on the Internet. A dog is always prone to many health problems but if you have enough knowledge about them you can easily counter them or prevent them before happening. Many skin infections, Tick problems, and gut health issues like acidity can be solved with some simple home remedies.

So, all these tips will surely make sure your dog is going to live long and healthy. Always look after your pet and give them a healthy and good life because why not, they give you therapy all the time. Even sometimes when you do not need it.

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