Best Toothpaste for Dogs in India at a Low Price

best toothpastes for dogs in India

Which Toothpaste is good for dogs? With all that many brands and doggy products, these days we can hardly be sure of what product is good. You can find many non-branded products on the internet including dog toothpastes which can be harmful in the long run. So to save you from the wrong products, I … Read more

Doggy Smile Hack: Easy-to-Make Toothpaste for Dogs at Home

how to make toothpaste for dogs at home

How to bring an all-time smile to your dogs? By taking care of their teeth. But wait, are the market products safe? Many pet parents do not believe in the market product just like me and I prefer natural stuff for my dog. So, If you also want to Make Toothpaste for Dogs at Home … Read more

Indian Whistling Dog: Everything You Need to Know

Indian whistling dogs everything you need to know

The Indian whistling dog. You probably have heard the name on social media but do you know what is it? Recently going viral on the Internet, this dog breed is actually known as Dhole. However, this animal is not exactly what you think. So, to clear your all misconceptions, I am going to share all … Read more

Make this Stylish and Healthy Sweet/Mithai for Dogs in every Occasion

stylish and healthy mithai for dogs

We always have heard that sweets are not good for dogs, and it is true. Too much sugar content can potentially harm your dog and can create many problems. But that won’t stop our love for pets and giving some sweets every once in a while. And why not, dogs love sweets, right? So, to … Read more

Top 7 Food Dispensers for Dogs| Automatic Dog Feeder Review

Are you looking for a good-quality water and food dispenser for dogs? Well, there are different types of Automatic Dog feeder and water dispensers available in India that comes under many price ranges. One might get confused while choosing such an amazing gadget. So, today in this blog, you are going to give our top-picked … Read more

Neomec Tablet for Dogs Uses, Dosage, and Side Effects

neomec table uses and dose details for dogs

Neomec tablet for dogs is a drug for dogs and cats. The medicine is quite famous among Indian pet parents is it comes in handy for many worm-related health issues in dogs. If you have heard about Neomec or anyone suggested this tablet then today in this article, I am going to tell you everything … Read more

Turmeric for Dogs: 10 Health Benefits, and Uses

turmeric for dogs benefits and uses

While Humans have been using Turmeric for ages for its medicinal properties, this amazing medicinal herb can cure many health problems in dogs as well. If you are a concerned pet parent and you want to prevent and cure common health issues at home then this article is for you. Today in this blog, we … Read more

8 Medicinal Herbs for Dogs and Health Benefits

Ayurvedic herbs for dogs are so effective that they can make most of the common dog diseases go away. Apart from healthy food nutrition, Herbs and Medicinal plants play a crucial role in both Humans and Dogs. If you are curious about what kind of Herbs you can give to your Pet dog for their … Read more

Top Liver Tonic for Dogs in India in 2024

liver tonic syrup for dogs in India

Liver Tonic Syrup for dogs in India is widely available from various brands. They are also known as Appetizer syrup for dogs as they also work as appetizers and increase hunger and food consumption. So is liver tonic necessary for dogs? It depends on your dog. If you are looking for a Liver tonic guide … Read more