Indian Whistling Dog: Everything You Need to Know

Indian whistling dogs everything you need to know

The Indian whistling dog. You probably have heard the name on social media but do you know what is it? Recently going viral on the Internet, this dog breed is actually known as Dhole. However, this animal is not exactly what you think. So, to clear your all misconceptions, I am going to share all … Read more

Police shares Helpline number for Stray Dog Feeders: Details

police forms advocate team to help stray dog feeders

Good News for Stray Dog Feeders. Are you a pet owner trying to help street dogs? Do you love dogs and want to take care of the dogs living on the streets? Are you someone who is facing trouble from the people of your area while feeding animals or dogs living on the streets? If … Read more

US Faces a New Dog Respiratory Disease, What Scientist Has to Say

unknown dog respiratory disease in US

A new Dog Respiratory Disease has come to light as more than 200 dogs have been affected in more than 16 United States since August this year. Some dogs even died due to this mysterious respiratory illness. But the more serious news is that this dog disease is yet unknown to scientists. Scientists haven’t yet … Read more

German Shepherd gets corrected by Kangal because of rough play⁣

Kangal gives death stare warning to GSD for rough play

What do you think about dogs? They are Animals? They are just dogs with good sniffing ability and strong ears, is that all you think? Well, your thoughts about dogs will be changed after seeing this viral video of a Kangal Dog giving a death stare to a German Shepherd to warn him because of … Read more

Bobi lived 31 Years, Here is How your Dog can too

Bobi lived 31 years, here is how your dog can too

The Guinness World Record holder for Oldest Dog, Bobi passed away on 23 October 2023. The goodest boy lived for more than 31 years and 165 days. Most of us believe that dogs live 12-15 years at most. But we often see dogs living such long lives. So, why do some dogs live that long? … Read more

Truth About Dog and Fox Interbreeding: Is it Possible?

dog fox breeding possible or not

Can Dogs and Foxes Create Hybrid Offspring? After the viral Internet sensation Doxim, many people are curious to know the Truth About Dog and Fox Interbreeding. Is it even possible for Dogs and Foxes to Produce Pups Together? The simple answer is No, they do not have the ability to create Hybrid Offspring or produce pups … Read more

6 Dogxim Facts that Scientists Found Before the Discovery

6 facts that scientists found about Dogxim before discovery

If you heard about Doxim then you might be curious about how can it be so sure about the Dogxim being the first ever dog-fox hybrid. Here check these 6 Dogxim Facts that Scientists Found Before the Discovery. Dogxim is becoming an Internet sensation but the real story of this unique creature is back from … Read more

What is Viral DogXim? The Discovery of the First Ever Dog-Fox Hybrid

first ever dog-fox hybrid dogxim full story

An enthralling tale that began its enigmatic journey in 2021. It all commenced with an urgent call to action, summoning an intrepid animal rescue team to the town of Vacaria, Rio Grande do Sul. The Animal was later transferred to a recognized facility and found out to be the first-ever Dog-Fox Hybrid and it was … Read more