German Shepherd gets corrected by Kangal because of rough play⁣

What do you think about dogs? They are Animals? They are just dogs with good sniffing ability and strong ears, is that all you think? Well, your thoughts about dogs will be changed after seeing this viral video of a Kangal Dog giving a death stare to a German Shepherd to warn him because of his mistake.

Yes, with the caption “German Shepherd gets corrected by Kangal Dog because of rough play”⁣, a video is circulating on the Internet that caught everyone’s eyes receiving millions of views and reactions on all social media platforms.

The video is just changing everyone’s view of dogs. If you also want to know why then read below for a details explanation and the viral video.

Kangal Dog gives warning to German Shepherd for Playing with Samoyed

Kangal Dog gives warning to GSD for Playing with Samoyed

So, here is a YouTube video copy of the viral video of a Kangal Dog giving watching with damn death stare to a GSD. In this video, you can see 3 dogs. A Kangal Shepherd, and A German Shepherd trying to play roughly with a Samoyed Dog breed.

The Samooyee was just lying on the ground and playing with some rope toys while the German Shepherd came to her and tried to do some rough play.

However, the Kangal Shepherd which is very much responsible for its pack simply came to the German Shepherd and gave him a strong sign of warning with its open mouth on the neck trying to bite.

The German Shepherd understands the warning and quickly backs off from the Samoyed dog while the Kangal continues to give a death stare to the GSD. Kangal’s face was clearly saying that, stay within your boundaries otherwise you will see what I can do.

The death stare of Kangal Dog was a very clear warning to the GSD. After the stare, the GSD showed a little aggression towards the Kangal but he clearly knew that he may be an Alpha Dog but Kangal is much more than that.

You might be thinking that GSDs are Alpha dogs and then Why it looks like Kangla Shepherd is the boss here. Well, You should know that Kangal Shepherd is the only dog that kills a Wolf. They are much bigger and stronger than GSD. Know more differences between GSD and Kangal Shepherd below.

Why Kangal Shepherd is Acting like a Boss?

Well, Both are amazing powerful dogs excellent in their own categories. GSDs are Alphas but more sweetable for family protection. While protecting, GSDs will not leave their owner and stay with them for close protection. They are more socially active, understanding, and friendly.

Not only with humans but with other dogs too. GSDs might behave like kids sometimes but they will always protect those who are weak and stay under his protection. No matter whether it is an Animal or Human.

So, Which one is Better, the German Shepherd or the Kangal Dog?
On the Other Hand, Kangals are much bigger, stronger, and animal-like. Kangals are a kind of breed that has been used for protecting livestock or personal properties. Once they recognize a threat, they will go any further to vanquish the threat.

Breeded for bigger responsibility, Kangals are more likely to stay in an open field like the protector protecting for a bigger purpose covering a huge area and they won’t think twice before killing a threat.

Thus, Kangals are more powerful and dedicated towards their responsibility whether the responsibility is a group of dogs or Humans. A Kangal will keep an eye on every single thing and correct them just like in the video.

Their vicious appearance and strong sense of protection are what make them prime leaders and better guard dogs in Dog Kingdoms. Check Top Guard Dog breeds from 10 to 1.

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