Dog Brain Exercises: 10 Ways Make Your Dog Smart

Have you ever seen a dog doing the most complicated tasks like solving a puzzle, helping their owners in everyday work, or doing a video call? Not all dogs can do these things, but those who grow up with strong mental health can easily understand you. The importance of Mental exercises is very high for a dog to become a responsible pet. And with a responsible dog by your side, you will feel like your responsibility for that dog has been cut off to nothing. So, if you also want to make your dog smart and mentally strong then these Dog Brain exercises are a must thing to do.

A dog is an Animal but it can be more than just a pet if you as a human take care of your dog’s mental health and teach them how to use their brain. The connection between your dog’s mental health and their well-being is solid. Not only food but their discipline also matters when it comes to living a healthy life.

So, today I am going to tell you about some Dog Brain Exercises to make your dog Smarter and Mentally strong. But before that, here are some key points or benefits your dog will get from this amazing Mental simulation training.

Benefits of DOG Brain Exercises

  • By doing a regular Dog brain exercise, your dog can understand you better.
  • Not only that but it will also help to increase their problem-solving skills and think with their doggy mind before approaching.
  • Your Dogs will engage in thoughtful processes and make fewer mistakes while in an unknown place.
  • Mental stimulation acts as a preventative measure against boredom.
  • Regular activities help channel energy positively, reducing the likelihood of destructive behavior.
  • Mental exercises can help your dog to be more calm and mature. It also helps them get proper rest.
  • Makes a better bonding for both the dog and the owner.
  • Helps learn more in the wild while staying within the boundaries.
  • Brain exercises contribute to a dog’s overall happiness and contentment.

Overall, Dog brain exercise also includes basic training which can help your dog to become better in everyday life. So, how to make your dog mentally strong and Smart?

How to Make Your Dog Smart and Build a Strong Mental Health

How to Make Your Dog Smart and Build a Strong Mental Health

There are a lot of things you can do to make your dog smart and Mentally strong. From the beginning to their young age, you can give them a daily dose of these dog brain exercises that will help your dog not only understand you better but also understand the given task, help you in daily work, and become a responsible pet.

So, the first Dog mental health training is the basic training in their puppy stage.

Start Early from Basic Training

If you are a new pet owner looking for some tips to make your life with your dog better without getting annoyed by it then basic training is very important.

Many pet parent simply keeps a dog without teaching them anything and end up getting disturbed by their animal-like behavior which is not the dog’s fault.

So, to make your dog behave like a really good pet who understands their boundaries, you have to give them basic training from an early age.

Teach them how to sit, come, go, wait, etc from day 1. It may seem like some simple training but this basic training not only teach your dog how to do things but build a mental state of listening to their owner and understanding a task is praising and rewarding.

Interactive Toys to Keep Your Dog Mentally Active

Interactive Toys to Keep Your Dog Mentally Active

Normal toys like balls and sticks may won’t do much to your dog but there are many amazing toys for dogs out there that can make your dog smart and mentally strong.

Puzzle toys, problem-solving toys, trick toys, etc. are some good options to start with. You will find such amazing toys where you can put treats and ask your dog to solve the puzzle and get the treat by himself. It will teach them the idea of understanding and trying again if they fail.

Teach them to use their Nose

Dogs have the strongest noses but only if you teach them how to use. Without proper training, they will just sniff on everything. But if you want them better then you have to teach them. You can try scent-based treats. Get some of their favorite chicken jerky and hide it somewhere where your dog can find it. Go to harder levels to give your dog a challenge to let them know how to focus more on their tasks.

DIY Brain Games to Make Your Dog Smart

You might have seen many videos of how people are hiding a treat under a bowl and making their dog choose a bowl to get the treat. If they fail then they let him try again. Such DIY games are amazing for your dog’s brain game.

You can also try more games like hide and seek games, find the treat games, exchange something for a treat, etc. These games will not only build an understanding of mental health but also make better bonding between you and your dog.

Introduce Your Dog to a Problem

Another amazing method to make your dog smart is by letting them know that problems exist in life and that with a little try, we can solve them.

You can start with little hide-seek games, give them a long stick and bring it through a smaller gate, teach them how to gather more sticks, how to climb a leader, etc.

You can explore more daily life works and show your dogs how they are done. Then let your dogs do some work that is possible for them to do.

This way they can learn daily life works which are just the best for them. Dogs will always amazingly look at you like they also want to do stuff that humans do. So, teaching and letting them do such tasks will also give you happiness along the way.

Talk to Your Dog more

Another good way to teach your dog anything is by letting them understand your language. And the best way to do that is to talk to them more. I have seen dogs that are amazingly understanding and live in a big family. There all the family members interact with that dog and talk to the dog with their normal language.

Over time, the dog starts to understand their language and get the idea of what are trying to mean. This way your dog too can understand you well making your work less hard while interacting with them in everyday tasks.

Try Outdoor Activities to Make Your Dog Smarter

Try Outdoor Activities to Make Your Dog Smarter

Dogs are not as smart as humans. So, they do not understand what can be dangerous in the outside world. So, it is very important to let them go and explore the outside environment.

So, let your dog go outside and learn all the things in your yard while you are keeping an eye on him. Also, it is not limited to just exploring.

There are many outdoor activities such as fetch, Frisbee fun, Agility course, Digging pit, Laundry basketball, etc you can play with your dog. All these games are not just for their exercise but to build a human-like mind that makes them curiously have fun in their daily life.


Socializing is also necessary for house dogs. If you want your dog to behave nice with the guests then introducing your dog to most of the friendly people in their daily life is important.

This way your dog will learn that he is just a house dog and it is not necessary to bark at everyone. This way they will become more friendly and everyone will love your dog.

Do not be mistaken, your dog will still be a dog and protect your house from suspicious activities.

Raise as your Kid

Many dogs act so smart like humans and understand everything their owner says. If you want your dog to be like this and behave like it is a part of the family then you must give him a human-like treatment.

Raising your dog as your kid also makes sure that your dog is staying away from a lot of health issues. I make sure that I keep a strong eye on my dog and its health.

Check on the furr quality, skin health, private parts, infections, ears, teeth, paws, nails, and everything else is a responsibility when it comes to giving good care to your dog. It builds a strong bond between you and your dog, making him a better pet in the future.

If your dog becomes aggressive when try to bathe him or touch their paw or other body parts then you check our special guide for Dog Handling Exercises here.

Monitoring and Adapting Brain Exercises

Monitoring and Adapting Brain Exercises

You are a human and you can understand and figure out problems that your dog is facing. Dog behaves according to their mental health. So, you can learn from their behaviors and help them to correct them by giving them the right teaching and training.

For example, if your dog is always sleeping in a corner or under the table then know that he needs attention, love, and care.

Just like that if your dog is more like an angry animal then you should let them know that their surrounding is safe and they do not have to be afraid of anything.

Many dogs have destructive biting habits. If you just talk to them about the issue and tell them not to do that and show them it’s not a good thing to bite on everything. It may take some time but your dog will learn not to do it.

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So, teach your dog closely about their daily life and it will surely make him smarter and more understanding.


How can I improve my dog’s mental health?

The first thing you can do is teach your dog continuously about their daily life things. You can also engage them with puzzle toys to make them smarter and help them improve their mental health.

How do I keep my dog mentally active?

If your dog often stays sad or just lying all day long then you can give them puzzle toys, play with them puzzle games, or play hide and seek to cheer them up. It will keep the depression and anxiety away and keep your dog mentally active.

How can I make my dog smarter?

Dogs have lower IQ levels than humans. But with a little effort, you can make your dog smarter in their daily life task. Engage them with everyday housework, teach them how it is done, keep them with you, and keep interacting while you work. This way they will learn many amazing things and they will become smarter over time.

Final Words: Dogs are not born smart. They are just some domestic animals who know how to protect their territory but they can learn amazing things. These Dog brain exercises, help your dog to be mentally active.

We have explained and shared a detailed guide on how to make your dog smart and mentally strong in this article.

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