Best Toothpaste for Dogs in India at a Low Price

best toothpastes for dogs in India

Which Toothpaste is good for dogs? With all that many brands and doggy products, these days we can hardly be sure of what product is good. You can find many non-branded products on the internet including dog toothpastes which can be harmful in the long run. So to save you from the wrong products, I … Read more

Top 7 Food Dispensers for Dogs| Automatic Dog Feeder Review

Are you looking for a good-quality water and food dispenser for dogs? Well, there are different types of Automatic Dog feeder and water dispensers available in India that comes under many price ranges. One might get confused while choosing such an amazing gadget. So, today in this blog, you are going to give our top-picked … Read more

Top Liver Tonic for Dogs in India in 2024

liver tonic syrup for dogs in India

Liver Tonic Syrup for dogs in India is widely available from various brands. They are also known as Appetizer syrup for dogs as they also work as appetizers and increase hunger and food consumption. So is liver tonic necessary for dogs? It depends on your dog. If you are looking for a Liver tonic guide … Read more

Best Multivitamin Supplements for Dogs in India (2024)

multivitamins for dogs in India

Looking for the best Multivitamin Supplements for Dogs? Well, there are many Dog Multivitamin brands available in India. Some of them are good but some others are just like fake products fooling people in the market. But do not worry, we are here because we care. Today in this blog, we are going to share … Read more

5 Calcium Supplements For Dogs in India| Vet Approved (2024)

best calcium supplements for dogs

Looking for calcium supplement for your dogs? Today PetFactsNGuide is here with some of the best Vet Approved Calcium Supplements for Dogs in India. I have seen many people buying random calcium syrup and tablets from local vets. if you are living in a small town then there is a big chance your vet will … Read more

Best Winter Jackets For Dogs in India| 2024

best Winter jackets for big and small dogs in India 2024

Winter is coming and Humans are getting ready for it? But what about dogs? You may think that dogs do not need any extra clothes because they have fur which is not true. Dogs catch colds too and their vulnerability to the cold and fever is higher than humans. Especially small dogs get sick easily … Read more

Get These 3 Dogs under 5000 Rs in India(No Hidden Charges)

best dogs under 5000 rupees in India 2024

Dogs under 5000 rupees in India is possible? Dogs are pricey. Many of us hope to get a pet dog but want them to be a little less expensive. In that case, you can always go for Indies but today we are going to share with you such 3 dog breeds that are very affordable … Read more