Best Trick to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth without Having Them Lick

Does your dog lick toothpaste whenever you try to brush? I understand how every pet parent struggles to brush their teeth and still fails or is tired of doing so every day. How about I tell you a simple trick and by using it, your dog won’t be able to lick or trouble you with their jaw movement when you brush its teeth. Yes, with this trick your daily dog brushing exercise will be easy and you won’t feel tired anymore. So, let’s learn how to brush your dog’s teeth without having them lick.

So, while I was scrolling my social media handle I came across a reel that explains a perfect way to brush your teeth. Whether you have a small dog or a big dog, you can use it to bush its teeth properly without having them lick toothpaste or trouble you by moving their face.

After watching the video, even i tried it with my dogs and the trick is 100% successful. Here is how to do it.

How to Brush your dog’s teeth Properly

Brush Your Dog's Teeth without Having Them Lick

According to the trick, All you have to do is take a rubber ball, put it in the front part of their mouth, and let them hold it. When they are holding it, you gently press their jaw with one hand and try to brush around their teeth with the other hand. Cool right?

With the ball in their mouth, they won’t be able to lick or shake off their head, and most importantly, it will be quick for you to brush completely the task.

Also, with this dog teeth brushing trick, you will be able to reach every corner of their mouth.

Now that you know about the trick, here is a step-by-step guide with pictures to brush your dog’s teeth without any trouble.

Picture Guide to Brush your dog’s teeth without licking

For all the dog parents who struggle to brush their dog’s teeth and eventually get tired because they are not able to do it properly, this trick is going to be a lifesaver. It will also help you to make sure your dog is not growing yellow marks or tartar on its teeth.

In this step-by-step guide with pictures, I will be explaining which brush to take, which toothpaste is good for dogs, and how to perform a successful daily brushing exercise for dogs.

Step 1: Choose the right Tooth Brush

Step 1: Choose the right Tooth Brush

Choosing the right kind of brush is the first step to brushing your dog’s teeth and it’s very simple. You must be shopping online and buying those costly brushes but it’s not necessary.

All you need is a baby soft brush that can be found in medical stores. Those brushes are very soft and won’t harm your dog’s teeth even if you put a little pressure by mistake.

Step 2: Get the right Toothpaste

Human Toothpaste is bad for dogs and you all know that. So, using the right toothpaste for dogs is crucial. There are many good quality products available in the market which I have listed on my blog(link here). But you can always make dog toothpaste at home.

So, get your toothpaste and apply it to the toothbrush, and then proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Adjust your dog’s position

Brush Your Dog's Teeth without Having Them Lick

Every dog parent wants to take care of their dogs from all sides. We also think of cleaning their teeth but most of us ignore it because our dogs don’t let us and even if we try hard, we are unable to do it properly and give up.

But not anymore. Just like I explained earlier, all you need is a rubber ball and let them hold it in their mouth to keep the mouth wide open.

So yes, make your dog sit properly and give them a rubber ball to hold. Press gently with one hand. Just hard enough so that they can’t so that they can’t drop it and quickly complete the task.

Step 4: How to Brush for the best result

Step 4: How to Brush for the best result

Well as simple as it sounds but still by following a little practice, the result will be awesome. I mean everything has got a way to do it right?

So to brush your dog’s teeth for the best result you don’t have to be hard at all. Gentle brush around their teeth and make sure you are reaching every corner.

Remember it is not the pressure that cleans the teeth. It’s the toothpaste and your regular brushing exercise is responsible for keeping your dog’s teeth clean and healthy. So, do it gently and do it every day.

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Final Words: After what I have experienced with my dog, I can understand how every dog parents feel when it comes to cleaning their teeth. But giving up shouldn’t be an option. As they grow yellow teeth in just under one year, your dog can have tartar and bad teeth health within a couple of years. So, regularly brushing their teeth is necessary.

I have explained this awesome trick which I have found from this Instagram Handle. I hope you liked this post, share it with your friends, and visit Paw Facts and Guide Again.

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