Police shares Helpline number for Stray Dog Feeders: Details

Good News for Stray Dog Feeders. Are you a pet owner trying to help street dogs? Do you love dogs and want to take care of the dogs living on the streets? Are you someone who is facing trouble from the people of your area while feeding animals or dogs living on the streets? If yes, then you do not have to worry anymore because today we are here with very good news. Yes, A police has shared a Helpline number for stray dog feeders. Those who are facing trouble from local people during their good work can call this number and get legal help without any fee or charge.

Recently a video is getting viral on the Internet where a Policeman talking about the security of Dog feeders in India. As many people love animals and helpless dogs on the streets, they try to help them by providing food and aid.

However, they often threatened, harassed, and bullied while they feed dogs. You may already have seen dog lovers facing criticism and warnings for feeding dogs. They can only make videos and upload them on social media but thanks to the all-mighty, a Senior Police Officer has finally come forward to take action against these hatemongers.

Police form a Team to help dog Feeders

Yes, according to the viral video where a Policeman is talking about dog feeders or pet owners. Senior Police Officer Sudhir Kudalkar Sir has formed a Pal Team which has around 20 advocates and offers free legal advice to pet owners, feeders, and animal lovers. If you are facing any trouble, please call them at 9975575986.

Helpline number for Stray Dog Feeders

In the video Sudhir Kudalkar Sir says, “Koi feeder hai, koi pet owner hai, unhe agar kuch bhi takleef hai ya unhe agar lagta hai ki unhe legal advice chahiye, guide chaiye, to mujhe 9975575986 is number par contact kar sakte hai. Hum Humari Pal Nigam team ki Advocate ke through hum apko help karenge, without any cost, any fee, apko ek paisa deneko jarurat nahi hai. Ye honorary hai, Humlog jo bhi kar rahe hai bejuban ke liye kar rahe hai”.

What Helpline number for Stray Dog Feeders can do?

It is becoming quite common for people to threaten street dog feeders and they even beat dogs and relocate them which is legally a crime.

If you see any of these incidents happening then you can on this number and the advocates of Pal team will help you with legal advice and what you can do in the future with these people.

You can also call them to learn about how legally you can feed dogs in your area and how to take care of other people’s concerns by following the laws set by the court.

Also, call this number to get information about any laws and rules on dogs and dog feeders issued by the Supreme Court of India.

Laws for Dog Feeders for feeding dogs

If you are a street dog feeder or pet owner, you are bound to follow some laws set by the Supreme Court. Here are some important laws and information you should know-

First of all, harassing or stopping a dog feeder from feeding stray dogs or other animals is illegal. You can file a complaint if anyone threatens you or tries to stop you from feeding dogs.

A dog feeder feeds dogs in a place away from human-populated locations. If you are feeding a dog, then you have to see if any kids or aged person is there or not.

Any individual dog feeder or NGO has to set a time to feed dogs that is especially safe for people.

A dog feeder also has to take care of dogs’ vaccinations and sterilization which is their responsibility.

The court said that these rules are to put an end to the conflict between dog lovers and society people who don’t accept dogs in their residence area. So, both parties have to take care of each other’s concerns.

Caurt also said that despite being animals, dogs and other animals do need food and water, and providing them with food and water is necessary so that these animals do not become aggressive due to hunger. So, no one can stop dog feeders from feeding stray dogs. Harassing, bullying, etc are punishable offenses.

Final Words: Feeding stray dogs, and other animals, and keeping them as a pet is totally legal. There are even rules for individuals with pets in their house and they are well protected by the Supreme Court of India. If anyone does any harm to dog feeders then it will be punishable according to the law.

Pal Team and Senior Inspector Sudhir Kudalkar have formed a team specially for helping out the dog feeders in backward places facing harassment from other people who do not support feeding dogs. We have shared the number in this article as well. You can call and get legal advice from the experts.

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