Common Causes of Dog Itchy Ears and Home Remedies

Is your dog itching its ears too much? If yes, then let me tell you that dog itching their ear can be very uncomfortable to them and you can help to get rid of your Dog Itchy Ears with a few easy tricks and home remedies.

Dog itching their ears is quite a common thing but this is not some kind of dog genetic behavior that should be considered normal. If your dog itching its ears too much then you should be concerned about it and if you are looking for a solution then you have come to the right place. Today in this post, we are going give you a detailed explanation for dog itchy ears, what makes them itch ears a lot, how to prevent dog ear irritation, and when you should see a vet for this.

Yes, there are quite some common issues that you should be taking care of at home to reduce your dog’s ear irritations, allergies, etc. But remember, it can be worse in some cases and should be getting vet attention too.

So, if your dog itching their ears every now and then or even frequently, here is what you should be doing at first.

Dog Itchy Ears: What to do?

Most of the time, Dogs get irritation, itches on their ears, infection inflation, etc, due to some common reasons like food allergies, and dead hair. What you can do is make yourself clear that the issue is not serious and figure out what is the case that causes ear irritation.

Take a Good Look

Yes, Dog itches their body, faces, tails, and ears all the time. There are many common causes of Dog Itchy ears and to get rid of this problem, you should take a closer look at their ears and figure out if the problem is minor or severe.

Take a bright LED light, get closer to its ears, and take a good look at it while being very gentle. Just see if there is some swelling, Redness, Funky odor, Puse Discharge, Bumps or Spots, Bleeding, hair loss around the ear, or anything unusual.

Caution: only do this yourself if you think you understand your dog and you are already very friendly with them. If you are some kind of pet parent who always leash their dog and cage them even while being in the house then I suggest not to do any of that as your dog may take it as a threat.

So yes, do that and make yourself clear that there are no unusual symptoms or infection in their ear, and move on to the next step. Now, if you see any swelling, pus discharge, bleeding, hair loss, etc, you should contact your vet.

Or if you see a few red spots, bumps, dirty ears, or tiny redness then you can read below and figure out what you can do to cure your dog’s itchy ear problem at home.

Dog Itching Ear’s Common Causes and Home Treatments

Common reasons for your Dog’s Itchy ears may include flea bites, being not groomed for a long time, an Unhealthy diet plan, changes in the environment, food allergies, etc.

Due to Flea Bites

Due to Flea Bites maybe causing Ear Irritation

Flea or Mites can really be a problem there. When I got my first Puppy, I noticed her itching so much and while I tried to figure out the cause, I saw tiny fleas and red spots on her belly and back areas.

So, yes, Fleas or mites can be a reason for your dog itching ear too much. Check if there is any flea on their body and check every day.

If you find fleas or mites then you should really be concerned because it can ruin your dog’s life. I wouldn’t recommend you to visit a vet as they will simply use some very toxic and powerful medicines that are so powerful and can only be used once a year.

I believe that you can get rid of this flea problem all by yourself just like I did. And guess what, it never came back. You can refer to this page where I explained how to get rid of fleas at home without any Medicine.

Itchy Redness, Flaky skin, or minor infection

Itchy Redness, Flaky skin, or minor infection in ear

Your dog may get ear irritation due to some kind of minor itchy redness, flaky dried skin, or minor infection due to scratches, insect attacks, allergies, or dirty water. In such cases, you can make a perfect home remedy solution and apply it to their ear to soothe it.

First of all, take 4-5 spoons of coconut oil in a pot and add some mint leaves to it.

Now heat the oil until it completely boils up.

Now take out the solution from the flame and let it rest until it cools down.

Take the oil and apply it to the infection or red spots in their ears. You can apply this remedy anywhere on their body where you see any kind of itching spots, redness, flaky skin, or infections. You also apply it around their private parts to keep them healthy and bacteria-free.

Not Proper Grooming

dog itchy ear due to Not Proper Grooming

Not Properly grooming can also be a cause for dog itchy ears. Over time your dog will grow a lot of hair around and in their ears which will create a tickling sensation and irritation all the time.

Getting rid of that hair is your responsibility if you do not want to see them itching ears all the time. So, visit a groomer or simply order a grooming Scissor kit from Amazon to do it by yourself.

First of all, take a good look at the ear and see which hair has grown too long and causing an itchy ear. After that, carefully trim the hair shorter. But always remember to cut or trim the hair inside the ear.

Unhealthy Diet

Unhealthy Diet cause ear itchiness in dogs

A clean digestion system is very much responsible for your dog’s overall health. You will often hear that most of the dog diseases come from their diet and poor digestion. Even your dog can live longer if you provide them a proper diet and maintain their gut health.

So, how an unhealthy diet and poor gut health can cause irritation on their ears?

A dog’s immune system mainly depends on their gut health. Most of their helpful germ-fitting bacteria live in their gut and they love a fresh healthy carnivorous meal.

Giving them old scrap foods may not do anything bad but in the long run, it can really upset your dog’s gut health which can lead to various health issues like itching, allergies, infections, ear inflammation, and mainly skin diseases.

Try Adding Supplements

Adding supplements to your dog’s food can also cure dog itchy ears and irritation in their body as nutrition deficiency can lead to various skin diseases and ear irritation in the future.

Supplements aren’t that necessary if you give proper attention to their diets. A Best Dog diet has to be included with all the nutrition that is required for dogs. Protein, Multivitamins, Omega, fiber, carbs, and herbs are some of the main ingredients that will keep your dog’s health at its peak.

However, if you think managing all these is hard then you can provide them direct Dog Supplements available in the market.

If you want to add more then you can also add Fish oil, Vitamin E, Turmeric, and Probiotics for the best result.

Due to Environment Changes

The environment can also play a crucial role in your dog’s itchy ears and irritations in the body. As your dog plays all day in the bushes, they can get cuts, insect bites, allergies, etc. Also, dirt and foreign objects can stuck deep in their coat causing itchiness.

So, if you are really concerned about your dog’s itchy ear then you should start paying attention to its hygiene, and proper bathing is not enough for this.

Here are some Hygiene Tips for your Dog Ear Irritations

First of all, give a very good look and check if there is something stuck on their body every night before going to bed.

Brush your dog every day, you can also give quick brushing twice a day.

Apply coconut oil every week for 2-3 hours before bathing. Bathe properly with shampoo and conditioner.

Dry well after giving bathe and brush well to make sure there is no water left inside their coat. Wet undercoats can really cause irritation in their body and they can cause infections too.

Infections, Cuts, or Severe Redness

Infections, Cuts, or Severe Redness

Minor Skin infections can be cured with home remedies like oil and mint leaves. But if you see a severe cut, an old infection, bleeding, cuts, or severe redness, you should go with medicine.

One of the most effective and popular ointments for dog skin problems is Kiskin Ointment for dogs. It is a very good and vet-trusted medicine for applying externally.

You can get it from any pet or vet store. Simply apply 2-3 times a day where you see such infections including their ears. You can apply inside the ear but do not apply deep inside the ear, inside mouth, or eyes. Rest assured the ointment will work nicely in your dog’s skin and cure all the mild skin problems in no time.

When to See a Vet for Dog Itchy Ears

Getting vet attention is always a positive thing to do but if you are smart, have knowledge, and understand dog behaviour then you can always figure out what is wrong with your dog by reading blogs and tips.

However, if you see some severe condition in their ear, you should take your dog to a vet and get some proper treatment. Here are some major skin and ear disease conditions to look after-

Severe Swelling

Redness or Red Spots in the whole body

Funky or fruity odors and Puss Discharge coming deep inside from your dog’s ear.

Bleeding or dried blood

Hearing Problems

Sudden loss of balance or sense of direction

Give good attention to your dog when you see something like this mentioned above.


How can I help my dog with itchy ears?

Dogs with Itchy ears are probably facing allergy issues for food and digestion. Provide fresh and nutritious food to get rid of those frequent irritations. Also do regular grooming, clean their ear, and maintain hygiene by applying oil and ear lotions in their ear. Also, don’t do it too much because there could be an underlying issue. So, Do all these for a week and see if there are any changes otherwise visit your vet for a solution.

Why does my dog keep scratching his ears and shaking his head?

Normally dogs do that sometimes but if he is doing it all the time then it may be because of some too-long hair irritating your dog. Do some proper grooming, and trim extra long hair around their ears. Also, follow this guide to get rid of dog itchy ears.

Why is my dog suddenly scratching his ears?

Because your dog is feeling itchiness in their ear. Check if there is anything wrong with their ear. Follow this guide to learn more about dog itchy ears and home remedies.

Can I put coconut oil in my dog’s ears?

Yes, Coconut oil is good for dogs in every way. You can apply a few drops of coconut oil to your dog’s ear to soothe the wax buildup, moisturize the ear channel, etc. Coconut oil can also cure minor infections, redness, inflammation, etc because it has antibacterial properties.

Final Words: Dogs itching ears too much can really be uncomfortable for the dog and their parents. You can follow this guide to understand which dog ear irritations are not that serious and can be cured at home with some care and home remedies.

Also, get the idea of severe symptoms of dog itchy ears and when to visit a vet for this.

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