Best Multivitamin Supplements for Dogs in India (2024)

Looking for the best Multivitamin Supplements for Dogs? Well, there are many Dog Multivitamin brands available in India. Some of them are good but some others are just like fake products fooling people in the market. But do not worry, we are here because we care. Today in this blog, we are going to share with you a complete review of the 5 best Multivitamins for dogs in India in 2024.

Dog Multivitamins are indeed one of the most important supplements for dogs. Other than that, your dog should also get calcium supplements for their better growth. However, for a disease-free healthy life, multivitamins are very important too. So, if you are not giving your dog multivitamins then read below to understand the importance of Multivitamins in Dogs.

Importance of Multivitamins in Dogs

Multivitamin supplements play a crucial role in maintaining the health and well-being of your dog. Here are several key reasons highlighting the importance of multivitamin supplements for dogs:

Fills the Nutrient Gaps

Whatever diet you give to your dog including the commercial dog foods does not provide all the essential vitamins and minerals. Dry dog foods may contain high protein but they do not have all the essential vitamins that are needed for your dog’s immune system.

Dog Multivitamin supplements help bridge nutritional gaps, ensuring that dogs receive a balanced and complete diet.

Promotes Healthy Skin and Coat

Many dogs often catch skin diseases. Any disease including skin disease may occur in dogs due to Vitamin deficiency. Adequate levels of vitamins, particularly Vitamin E and Vitamin A, are essential for maintaining healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Enhances Bone Health and Joint Health

Vitamins like Vitamin D and minerals like calcium and phosphorus are vital for bone health. Multivitamins ensure that dogs, especially growing puppies and senior dogs, receive the necessary nutrients for strong and healthy bones.

Also, some vitamins work on your dog’s joint health ensuring their old age is better without any joint issues.

Improves Digestive Health

Not only from the outside but vitamins work from the inside too. Some multivitamin supplements include probiotics and digestive enzymes that contribute to a healthy gut. This can aid in nutrient absorption and promote a well-functioning digestive system and a good digestive system.

Supports Reproductive Health

Multivitamins are most important for pregnant dogs. For breeding dogs, pregnant or lactating females, and stud dogs, multivitamin supplements can provide the extra nutrients needed to support reproductive health and the healthy development of puppies.

So, now that you understand the importance of Dog Multivitamins, here are some best Multivitamins for dogs in India. Check our Best choices on Calcium Supplements for Dogs here.

Best Multivitamins for Dogs in India 2024

We have listed these multivitamins for Dogs for their best quality. These multivitamins come from the best brands and sweetable for all ages of dogs.

WOW DOG Multivitamin Tablet Dog Supplement

WOW DOG Multivitamin Tablet Dog Supplement

Wow Dog is a popular and trusted brand. This Dog Multivitamins from WoW Dog brand is quite impressive because of its quality and health assurance.

Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, these tablets foster growth and sustain a healthy body including Healthy Skin, Heart, and Brain Function.

They contribute to robust joints, ensuring your dog stays lively and active. The unique blend of essential ingredients and nutrients aids in swift recovery from illnesses. Administering this dog supplement is a breeze, providing ease of mind for pet parents with picky eaters.

The combination of vital ingredients and nutrients also works to protect your dog’s skin and coat, promoting overall well-being. With all these amazing benefits WOW Dog makes the best Multivitamins for Dogs in India.


ZipVit MultiVitamin Supplements for Dogs

ZipVit MultiVitamin Supplements for Dogs

Intas is another great brand to bring amazing Multivitamins for dogs. This Multivitamins and Amino Acid tonic is just the perfect blend for your dog’s long and healthy life.

Pets ZipVit Multi-Vitamin and Amino Acids Tonic has all the necessary vitamins for dogs that ensure healthy growth along with a disease-free life. The multivitamins in this tonic also make your dog’s immune system great and strong.

Also amino acid present in this tonic is like a cherry on the cake because Amino acid plays all the important roles that multivitamins do including building new blocks of protein cells in dogs.

So, yes ZipVit is a very good vet-approved dog Multivitamin supplement in this list.


Virbac Nutrich MultiVitamins Supplements for dogs

Virbac Nutrich MultiVitamins Supplements for dogs

Experience faster growth and prevent nutritional alopecia with this Multivitamins supplement for dogs. It also aids in maintaining a healthy pregnancy and helps prevent issues like epiphora (excessive tearing) and coprophagia (eating feces).

Virbac Nutrich is another amazing Vitamin supplement for dogs. If you heard of the brand name Virbac then you can trust this Nutrich Minerals and vitamin supplements. This one packet has 60 tablets that can be given as one tablet daily after food or with food.

For adult dogs, it is recommended to administer 1-2 tablets daily for optimal results.


Petvit Multivitamin & Multimineral Supplement

Petvit Multivitamin & Multimineral Supplement

Petvit Multivitamin & Multimineral Supplement is again one of the best multivitamin supplements for dogs. This supplement specializes in skin coat, Joint Care, Digestion, Heart, and immunity with 18 additional ingredients.

Petvit Multivitamin & Multimineral is a holistic supplement specially formulated to promote optimal brain function, boost the immune system, and uphold digestive health in both dogs and cats.

The combination of minerals helps restore energy levels, making a happier and more active lifestyle.

Additionally, it enhances your pet’s immune system resilience with a potent fusion of vitamins and minerals. Petvit Multivitamin and multimineral actively support the body’s natural defenses, contributing to your pet’s overall well-being and vitality.

This one is one of the best Multivitamins for dogs because it has 18 essential ingredients, including vitamins and minerals, specifically selected to help with overall health.


PET360 Vital+, Premium Blend of Multivitamins

PET360 Vital+, Premium Blend of Multivitamins

PET360 Vital+ is the last one in this list of best Multivitamins for dogs in India. This one is another unique product that covers all the sides of your dog.

This supplement has a total of 36 nutrients which are vital for proper growth, building strong immunity, and a strong body.

This one is suitable for all ages Puppies and adult dogs.

During the growth stage, puppies and kittens require essential nutrients to support the development of their brain, muscles, and eyesight. All these are present in the premium multivitamin solution of Vital+.

The complete solution promotes care for skin, muscle, bone, joints, cardiac, Neuro and brain, immunity, reproductive, eye, including energy growth.

So, these are some of the best Multivitamins for dogs in India available on Amazon. If you want to get it for your dog then all these 5 dog multivitamins are the best in the market. You can check its descriptions and choose which one fits best for your dog.


Vitamins that are Important for Dogs

Out of all the vitamins, these are some vitamins that are the most important for your dogs. So, consider these their diets or Multivitamin supplements-

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B2
  • Biotin
  • Folic acid
  • Niacin
  • Thiamine
  • Pantothenic acid
  • Pyridoxine


What multivitamin should I give my puppy?

WOW Dog Multivitamin is the best to give your Puppy. All the multivitamin supplements in this list are sweet for Puppies. You can choose the best according to your research and price range.

Can dogs take human multivitamins?

No, Dogs can not take Human Multivitamins. It would be a serious issue if they do because Human Multivitamins come with different solutions that may be harmful to your dogs.

Do vets recommend vitamins for dogs?

Yes, Vets always recommend Vitamin supplements for dogs for better growth and healthy life.

Is it OK to give my dog a multivitamin?

It is the best. Even if your dog is eating the best food, still they are not getting all the vitamins that are necessary for them. This is where Multivitamins come in. Give a good Multivitamin supplement with their food regularly to let them grow and live a healthy life.

Final Words: Dog Multivitamins are the kind of supplements that gives your dog overall protection from all type of health issues and make sure that your dog never gets any disease due to lack of vitamins. You can not provide all types of foods that contain all types of vitamins. These vitamins are very crucial for their body health.

So, get your Multivitamins for dogs today and make sure your dog is living a healthy and smart life.

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