Easily Get Rid of Fleas in Dogs without any Medicine

Ticks and Fleas are the most common problem in dogs. I can bet that every dog parent faces this problem and they try a lot of methods to get rid of fleas in dogs. Of course, every dog parent loves their dogs and they can’t stand their love being suffered from these bugs. So as a Pawparent myself, I will give you the best method to prevent and get rid of ticks and fleas from your dog permanently.

Maybe your dog is a newborn and he is completely healthy but still fleas will start living in its fur. And no matter what market product you use, or whatever medicine you try, these fleas will be there in your dog’s coat if you don’t do this.

Using a lot of medicine and market products is not something I like. Whatever marketing they do or whatever they say about their product, I really don’t trust these by-products and medicines for my pet. Just like humans, dogs have allergies too, and I am scared of some companies even ignore the safety measures while making products for dogs.

So today in this post I will share with you how I got rid of fleas from my dog permanently and with some extra care how you can do it too.

So, how you can prevent Ticks and fleas without using medicine or any market product? The simple answer to this question is home remedies but there is something that is more important than home remedies itself.

If you are thinking of using home remedies for ticks and fleas treatment in dogs then you should know that these bugs are still going to be there because of the eggs.

So, how do we remove fleas from our dogs permanently?

How to Get Rid of Fleas from Dogs Without Medicine

best home remedy and DIY guide to remove fleas from dogs without medicine

Medicines, shampoos, and other by-products may remove some bugs but they will keep coming back again and again. So if you really want to get rid of the fleas from your dog and make them safe from ever returning back then you really should try my secret to prevent ticks and fleas from dogs without medicines.

My Secret to getting rid of fleas from dogs is the Steel comb and hygiene. Yes don’t be surprised, a still comb can really help you to get rid of fleas and hygiene can prevent them from ever returning back, and in this post, I am going to explain how.

When there is a flea in your dog’s coat, it Lays eggs everywhere. These eggs are very tiny crystal-like particles. When we use medicines, it removes some of these bugs but the eggs stay in the fur and they keep coming back.

First of all my pet is a puppy and doctors do not recommend using strong medicines like drops and injections on them. And fleas were growing in numbers and their bites were creating itch, hot spots, redness, etc on my puppy’s’ skin.

So I tried still comb and some home remedies for this issue.

Best Trick to Remove Fleas from Dogs without Medicines

best method to get rid of fleas in dogs

Before doing anything to your dog, make sure, your dog stays clean and fresh just like you are. Bugs don’t like cleanliness right. So, Making sure that your dog is always clean and fresh is the first job to do. Then follow these steps-

First of all, I hate using Chemicals on my pet who loves me unconditionally. So I also decided to give as much love as I can. So, I bought a still comb and remove all those annoying bugs by myself.

I started combing her every single day even twice a day. Sometimes whenever I can I grab her, and comb her randomly to see if I can find one or two fleas.

Also, I bathe her every second day with neem leaves and hot water. First of all, I boiled some neem leaves and then let my dog sit in the Neem water. (make sure to cool it down first). I let her coat soak all the neem water first. Then rinse her with fresh water.

Also, I used tick removal shampoo every 5th day just to make sure her coat doesn’t get sticky or rough.

I also used neem water spray on my pet’s body every night before bed.

After maintaining all these for at least two weeks I noticed there are no fleas left in my dog’s fur. And now it’s been more than 4 months I rarely comb her but never found any ticks and fleas on my pet’s body.

I don’t know the exact reason behind this success. Please enlighten me and the readers by mentioning it in the comment. But I believe when the fleas grow in numbers every day and you don’t let that happen by manually removing each and every flea they start to leave that body. Fleas are actually smart, you will notice that when you catch fleas they will jump and try to flee and it seems these bugs have some code of life too. when you break these codes by not letting them grow in numbers and fail their reproduction, they don’t feel safe and get out from that body and never return.

So this was my story of saving my dog from fleas forever without using market products and harmful medicines.

Here is something you should notice when there are a lot of fleas on your dog-

Dog Flea symptoms

Excessive Scratching is the first thing you will notice if your dog has fleas. Fleas cause intense itching, so if your dog is scratching excessively, especially around the neck, tail base, and hindquarters, it could be a sign of fleas.

Redness and Irritation will also annoy you. Flea bites can cause redness, inflammation, and irritation on your dog’s skin. Check for any signs of bumps, sores, or hot spots. You can treat these red spots with coconut oil and mint leaves. Check the full guide on How to treat flea bites with this Home Remedy.

Hair Loss may also occur because of excessive scratching. In the puppy stage, you may also see small bald spots. Frequent scratching and biting due to flea bites can lead to hair loss in localized areas, particularly if your dog is allergic to fleas.

Flea Dirt or Flea Eggs also worsen the situation. Fleas leave behind small black specks, often referred to as “flea dirt.” It resembles black pepper or tiny grains of sand and is usually found on your dog’s skin or in their bedding. Remove these while using the steel comb for ticks and fleas.

Last but not least you will notice visible Fleas. In some cases, you may actually see the fleas on your dog’s fur. They are small, brown insects that move quickly and are often found around the neck, ears, and groin area.

Benefits of Using Home Treatment Other than Medicines

I have seen some new medicines in the market for these ticks and fleas in dogs. These medicines claim that some drops are enough to get rid of fleas for life. There are also love injections. You can imagine how powerful and dangerous these will be. Doctors also recommend using these cures on adult dogs only. What about small breeds which are such softy?

Home treatments often involve natural ingredients that are safe for both dogs and humans. This can be particularly beneficial for pet owners who prefer to minimize the use of chemicals on their dogs and in their living environment. Just some extra hard work with these home remedies will work and give you 100% results, just try.

Also, Home remedies can be a more budget-friendly option compared to purchasing commercial flea treatments or visiting the veterinarian for prescription medications. Many home treatments can be made using common household items, reducing the financial burden.

how to get rid of fleas from dogs without medicine


Many paw parents simply go with the veteran’s advice and use medicines. Medicines are also important for cures, but in some cases, medicines and harmful chemicals are not necessary at all. If your dog is sick then surely visit a vet and treat it with everything but when it comes to these common problems like ticks and fleas, you can cure them with some extra care and love and the still comb.

So, make sure you take every step carefully towards your paw friend and try to use home remedies by following our proven guide.

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