How to Treat Dog Flea Bites at Home without Medicine

Dog Flea Bite is one of the most common problems in dogs. Almost every dog gets Fleas at least once in their lifetime. If not taken care of this problem, can ruin the Peace and comfort of your dog. Fleas can cause itching, scratching, red spots, red-turned-black spots, and even sometimes hotspots which are more serious. So how do we treat this problem? Is actually easy. Today in this post we’re going to talk about flea bites in dogs, and how to treat dog Flea Bites at Home without Medicine?

I have seen many dogs, especially the small breed dogs which have very sensitive skin. Even these flea bites can cause live straightening skin infections. Because of their sensitive skin, they get red and black skin infections very easily. And after noticing these infections, many dog parents run to their vet for sicking medication. Natural medication for health sickness is necessary, but medicines for these skin problems are not the first priority, at least I don’t believe in them.

Instead of using these powerful medicines, we can easily treat dog flea bites at home without using medicines. With just a little extra effort, the red spots, rashes, and other skin infections can be cured with natural ingredients like coconut oil and mint leaves.

And today in this post I am going to explain how to treat dog flea bites without medicine by using coconut oil and mint leaves.

But lets learn a little information about Fleas-

About Flea and their Characteristics

Fleas are small, wingless insects that belong to the order Siphonaptera. These ectoparasites have evolved to live on the bodies of mammals and birds, where they feed on the blood of their hosts. Fleas possess several distinctive characteristics that enable their survival and make them formidable pests.

  • Fleas have powerful hind legs designed for jumping. They can propel themselves incredible distances relative to their size, allowing them to quickly latch onto passing hosts.
  • Fleas have unique mouthparts adapted for piercing the skin and sucking blood.
  • Fleas are remarkably efficient reproducers. A single female flea can lay hundreds of eggs during her lifespan.
  • Fleas are capable of transmitting diseases and parasites to their hosts. They can carry and transmit pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses, including parasites like tapeworms.

My Story: How I Treated Dog Flea Bites at Home

So before explaining how to do the treatment and cure flea bites without medicine, I would like to tell you my story of how I figured out the problem and how did I treat dog flea bites successfully at home. After read this, you will also be able to treat dog flea bites without medicine.

I have a female Indian spitz. These are basically small breed dogs and they commonly have a thick Coat. At the age of 5 months, my pet, Minnie started showing symptoms like rapid scratching around her neck, itching below her chest, and around her belly, etc.

At the time, I also noticed that the fleas were growing on her body. As I told you I don’t trust in random market products and medicines so I also started reading this please and successfully got rid of it. You can check this post to check out how I got rid of fleas without medicine or you can read in short at the end of this article.

So back to the flea bites. The infection is caused by flea bites while looking real and dangerous. First I was scared of the red spots spreading on several sections of the body like the belly around the neck, chest, etc.

I got a little worried and I called my vet but I knew that the vet was quite careless. I did some research on Google and found out that meant leaves have antibacterial properties and coconut oil which is very good for the skin also has soothing properties. It can relax pain, itching, etc. Also, a guy on YouTube explains that coconut oil and main leaves can cure skin sections.

First of all, I took some coconut oil and mint leaves in a bowl. Then I heated the ingredients together and let them cool down. Then I simply saved her belly(it was the most affected place). Then applied the oil mixture on the affected spots. I carefully looked for every red spot and affected area and applied oil drops to it.

In just One day, my pet stopped itching like before but it took time to fully treat the infection. I continued doing the same for more than a week. I applied oil every morning and night before sleeping. Or whenever I felt that her belly got dried out, I applied some drops to the area.

Doing this on a daily basis and yes with extra care fixed my dog’s flea bite infection and now he is healthier than ever.

But remember this problem will not go away if you don’t read the flea problem first. While I was doing the treatment I was also taking care of the fleas. Before I talk about how to prevent fleas from growing and get rid of them completely, let’s mention a proper step-by-step guide on how to treat flea bites at home without medicine.

Flea Bite Infection Types and Symptoms

Increased Redness in any particular area can be a flea bite symptom. If a flea bite becomes infected, the surrounding area may appear more red and inflamed than usual. This can be a sign of bacterial activity in the area.

A flea bite can also lead to Swelling. Infection can cause localized swelling around the flea bite. The affected area may feel warm to the touch and appear more raised or puffy than normal.

Small bumps with Pus or Discharge may also occur randomly in the affected places. This can be yellowish, greenish, or even bloody in appearance.

Most commonly your dog will start itching frequently and it will surely disturb you. While itching is common with flea bites, an infection can intensify the itching sensation. Your dog may scratch or lick the area excessively due to the discomfort caused by the infection.

How to Treat Dog Flea Bites Without Medicine

In some cases, Hair Loss or Bald Spots may also happen. In severe cases of infection, the hair around the flea bite may start to fall out but you don’t have to worry. Treat these places with home remedies mentioned in this post and take extra extra care like cleaning, applying medicine in every 4-5 hours etc. Doing all that will surely fix cure your love.

How to Treat Dog Flea Bites Without Medicine

Sometimes Flea bites are not noticeable for big dogs, but mostly small breed dogs are prone to flea bite infections allergies, etc. And using medicines on these small beat dogs with very sensitive skins is not recommended. So, here is how to treat dog flea bites at home without any medicine-


  • Coconut oil
  • Mint leaves
  • Aloe vera(is available)

Follow these step-by-step guides to cure flea bites in dogs at home-

First of all, take some coconut oil in a bowl and start heating on a low flame.

Now take some mint leaves depending on how much oil you have taken. (I took 5 spoons of oil and 10 mint leaves).

Now heat the oil properly. Stop the flame when the leaves are getting fried, ladies cool down.

If available, you can also add aloe Vera to the mixture. But make sure the aloe vera is completely liquid before adding in the oil. This will make the solution stronger in antibacterial properties and rashes soothing properties.

Now that the solution is ready, you can apply it directly on the red spots, hot spots, and other flea-infected areas.

If you also see some dirty black spots then clean these sports before applying the oil. These black dirty round spots can be removed easily with a towel and warm water.

So, this is how you can make a home remedy for flea bite infection in dogs and treat dog flea bites easily at home without medicines.

How to Get Rid of Fleas from Dogs?

Well in this matter also I don’t prefer using market products and medicines. As I said I was reading the please as well while I was reading about flea bite infection. Here is what I did to remove every single flea myself and they never returned-

The simple and best solution is the Steel comb. Yes, I use still comb to manually remove each and every flea from my dog’s coat. Every day I combed her twice or even 3 times a day to remove every single flea and killed it.

I also bathe her every day or every second day with neem leaf water to maintain her hygiene and free of bacteria. Yes, hygiene can prevent fleas from coming back.

After doing this for two weeks or so, I noticed that the fleas were gone. I guess, their numbers were not growing because me and they left the body itself.

So, this is how I got rid of fleas and successfully treated dog flea bite infection at home without using any medicine.

how to treat dog flea bite infection without medicine

Final Words:

A lot of people prefer to breed dogs. Breed dogs like spitz, retrievers, Pomeranian, etc do not have the strongest immune system. Especially their skin is very soft and prone to bacteria because it always stays under a thick Coat. In such cases, avoid using random medicine or market product.

These common skin problems can be cured with home remedies made with antibacterial herbs. You can always search on Google and collects information about what kind of infection you dealing with and what kind of her can be used to treat these skin infection. Or what kind of horses are effective for fleas and ticks. In this way, you will not only save your money but you will save your love from harmful medicines. Good Luck.

We hope you like this guide on how to treat dog flea Bite infections at home without using medicines. Learn to make this home remedy for flea bite infection and cure flea bites like red spots, hot spots, rashes, etc at home.

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