How to Handle an Angry Street Dog

How to handle an angry dog on the streets? Dogs are not aggressive their aggression majorly depends on the situation and other factors. A better understanding of dogs’ behavior can save you from being attacked or controlling any stray dog from an accident. Today in this post we will guide you and how to handle an Angry street dog.

Dogs can be aggressive sometimes but it doesn’t mean that they are going to attack you. Dogs are intelligent animals however they are not human. Their aggression can depend on many things such as hunger, protection, doubt, etc. But we as a human can easily understand their behavior and act accordingly.

With our actions, we can control a dog’s behavior even if it is an angry mood. I have been through many such situations and with a little understanding I have handled it well and I prevented the dog attack on me and others. So how did I do it? Today in this post I will be sharing my personal experience and tips to handle a angry street dog.

We understand that in some situations, a street dog can become aggressive without reason. It may be because you are a new guy in their place, or you are showing some unusual behavior to them, or you just look into their eyes. Looking into their eyes can make them uncomfortable. So in such situations, the best thing you can do is ignore them and back away to a safe distance. Not looking at them, not running and acting like the dog doesn’t even exist to you can save you from making them angry, causing any aggression, or making them feel uncomfortable.

The free dogs of India

Just like that, understanding a dog and their behavior can not only save you but save others from any small or big dog attacks. So, instead beating them educate yourself and others about dogs in our society.

Understanding behavior of a Desi Dog

Before we head to our tips on how to handle an Angry dog, we need to learn about dogs’ behavior and how they actually live on the streets. Here in this article, I am talking about Indian Pariahs or desi dogs.

Desi dogs are quite shy type dogs but they love humans like any other dog. At any normal time, they search for food, eat, rest, protect their family, and protect their territory.

Here are 4 points that you need to know before approaching a desi dog. Desi dogs specialize in sociability, alertness, adaptability, and of course, concern about their territory as they live on the street.


Indian street dogs are generally sociable and form loose packs or communities. They are accustomed to living in proximity to humans and are often found near residential areas, markets, or temples.

Alertness and Vigilance:

Street dogs are alert and possess a keen sense of observation. They are quick to detect changes in their surroundings and may bark or growl to communicate potential threats or intrusions.


Street dogs establish territories within their roaming areas and defend themselves from other dogs or animals. They may exhibit territorial behaviors such as marking boundaries, barking at intruders, or engaging in mild confrontations to protect their territory.


Indian street dogs have developed a remarkable ability to adapt to various environmental conditions. They can withstand extreme temperatures, navigate crowded streets, and scavenge for food from different sources.

So now that we know more about our Indian desi dogs here are some tips and tricks on how to handle an Angry street dog or desi dog.

How to Handle an angry Street Dog

Before we get to our tips I want to share some of my experience with you. This is my first story and I believe this may help you to understand how to handle an Angry street dog or how to approach them.

How to behave with street dogs

When I was in my college days, I used to live in another city. The city was totally new to me and I was trying to export the city in the beginning. One morning I left my hostel for a morning walk. It was 5 o’clock in the morning, and I was wearing headphones and walking alone on this date. After walking some distance I ended up in a village with a lot of paddy fields.

All of a sudden I noticed, a pack of 5 to 6 dogs appeared on the street from the paddy field. As I have always learnt that if I don’t React to them they won’t react to me. But it was something different because certainly, I was their target. They were not extremely aggressive but they were continuously looking at me and running and walking around me.

I don’t know what happened to them but it was like the dogs were trying to figure out something. I remember one dog even barked one or two times and another dog growled at me too. This was the moment I really got into the situation and found myself in some kind of problem. However, I was not trying to freak out because I love dogs and they’re not harmful.

So after noticing that they are not directly aggressive towards me but there only targeting me because I am a stranger to them. In that case, I as a human being figured out that first I should calm myself and submit myself to them so that they can come and do whatever they want because I was in their territory and I also know that dogs respect humans. I know that dogs see humans as their masters. They see humans as a hope, as a guide, as the supreme being who can provide them food and shelter. I can always tell that the dog always Look At Us trying to figure out how we do all these amazing things with our hands but they can’t but still, they try to learn.

Okay, what I did is sat down on that very place and I tilt my head down too. After 30 seconds I looked at one of the dogs and sat down too and he was looking towards me. I also looked at him and showed him my hand which was empty. The dog came slowly near me and started sniffing my hand. After he figured it out and was satisfied with whatever his concern was, he just sat down and looked at me. I saw the other dogs were not concerned anymore. And slowly I left the place without showing any over-smartness like saying them bye, waving my hand, or doing anything that is stupid and not sensible to them.

This is how I encountered my first situation with an angry dog on the street.

But don’t try to be over-smart. In my case, I offered them my empty hand because I knew that they are not being too aggressive towards me. Getting back to the dog slowly, not making any eye contact, not making any Rush behavior, or a loud sound, and ignoring the dog are some of the best practices to handle an Angry street dog. Offering some food to distract them is also a good way to become friends with a state Dog.

As a human, we are smarter and we can understand these innocent animals in a better way. Simply beating them and scaring them with stones or weapons is not the solution for these future societies. With a little understanding and effort, you can make a big difference in society and towards these society animals.

Best Tips to Save Yourself from an Angry Dog on the Streets

Dealing with an angry or aggressive street dog can be challenging, but there are steps you can take to handle the situation safely.

How to Handle an angry Street Dog, Best Tips to Save Yourself

We can find many dogs on the street every day. In some situations, these dogs can be aggressive toward you or show some aggressive behavior. In this situation, you know the dog is not attacking you but just growling and barking at you. In such cases, you can do these tricks to handle an Angry street dog.

Stay calm: Dogs can sense fear and aggression, so it’s important to remain calm and composed. Avoid making sudden movements or loud noises that could escalate the situation.

Give the dog space: Create distance between yourself and the dog by slowly backing away. Do not turn your back on the dog or run, as this can trigger their predatory instincts.

Avoid eye contact: Direct eye contact can be interpreted as a threat by dogs. Instead, avert your gaze and keep your body language relaxed and non-threatening.

Stand your ground: If the dog approaches you aggressively, try to stand tall and assertive. Cross your arms and turn sideways to make yourself appear less vulnerable. Avoid reaching out or making sudden movements.

Use a barrier: If you have a bag, umbrella, or any other object that can act as a barrier, hold it between yourself and the dog. This may provide some protection and serve as a deterrent.

Distract the dog: If you have treats or food available, you can try tossing it away from you to divert the dog’s attention. This might give you an opportunity to retreat safely.

Seek help: If the dog continues to exhibit aggressive behavior or poses an immediate threat, try to find people nearby who can assist you. They may be able to help scare off the dog or call animal control.

Report the incident: Notify local authorities or animal control about the aggressive street dog. Provide them with a detailed description and location so they can take appropriate action to address the situation.

Benefits of learning about Street dogs

Benefits of learning about Street dogs

As these stray dogs are always going to be living in our society, so it is better to accept these animals as a part of our society. And to accept these animals, it is necessary to learn about street dogs. You can read about Indian Street Dogs Information here.

Safety and prevention:

Learning about street dogs can help you understand their behavior and body language, enabling you to navigate encounters more safely. Recognizing signs of aggression or fear can help you avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Community engagement:

Street dogs often impact the local community. By learning about them, you can engage with neighbors, local authorities, and animal welfare organizations to address issues related to street dog populations, stray animal management, and education.

Responsible citizenship:

Learning about street dogs promotes responsible citizenship within your community. By understanding the consequences of abandoning pets and the importance of spaying/neutering, vaccinations, and proper care, you can encourage responsible pet ownership among your neighbors and acquaintances.

Health and disease awareness:

Understanding the health risks associated with street dogs, such as rabies or other transmissible diseases, can promote public health awareness.

Personal fulfillment:

Engaging with street dogs, whether through volunteering, fostering, or supporting rescue organizations, can bring personal fulfillment. The act of helping and providing care for these animals can be incredibly rewarding and enriching.

how to handle an angry street dog


Q: What should I do if I encounter an angry street dog?

A: If you encounter an angry street dog, just stay calm and avoid making sudden movements. Do not make eye contact and Back away slowly and go to a safe distance. Do not turn your back or run.

Q: Can I use pepper spray or other self-defense tools on an angry street dog?

A: It is not recommended to use any kind of weapon or pepper spray on dogs. You might get into more serious trouble with this idea of self-defense. Use only when the dog is already attacking you. If a dog is at a safe distance, then do not attempt to provoke it in any way possible.

Q: How should I react if an angry street dog charges at me?

A: If an angry street dog charges at you, it’s important to stand your ground and try to remain as calm as possible. Avoid making direct eye contact and do not scream or yell.

If it coming towards you then be ready to use your leg to keep him away from you or a stick would be good too.

Q: Should I try to pet or feed an angry street dog to calm it down?

A: No, you should never attempt to pet or feed an angry street dog. It may calm the dog down but it is also possible that your sudden movement toward the dog may trigger some serious situation.

Q: Is it safe to run away from an angry street dog?

A: No, you should never run away from a dog that is already targetting you. In fact never run from a dog in any situation. It will chase you for sure.

Q: How can I prevent encounters with angry street dogs?

A: To minimize encounters with angry street dogs, it’s important to avoid areas with high stray dog populations, especially during mating seasons or times when they may be more aggressive. It’s also crucial to respect their space and not provoke or taunt them.

Final words: I personally believe that we humans are rational beings and we can do better things by understanding them well. From the beginning of all time, we have seen these dogs living in our society. We simply cannot reject them because this is their space too.

You as a human cannot blame these dogs because they’re not rational like us. They just leave out their life on the streets and admire people. I have seen dogs crying for humans, chasing, and looking for some attention and food. So just be a human and take the responsibility.

We hope you like this blog. You can read more interesting blog posts on of PawFactsnGuide.

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