Best Chicken Rice Recipe for Small Dog Breeds

Chicken and rice based food for small breed dogs can be a little different from the large breed dog or medium dogs. Balance nutrients, right amount of food, and the preparation should be according to the age, size, and Interest of your dog. I have a small breed dog and her weight is around 5 kg. I give my dog a balanced diet of homemade food and pedigree pro. So today in this post I will share with you some of my best chicken Rice recipe for small dog breeds which I prefer.

I always try to take care of my dog like my own kid. So, most of the time I cook homemade food for her. As she is a small breed dog and her weight is around 5 kg you can know that her bite size is small too and she can bite only a small portion of food at a time. So in my chicken rice recipe for small dog, I also took care of this problem.

But first, I must share with you the most important information that every dog parent should know.

Small Breed Dog feeding guide

How much food should you give to your small-breed dog? Well, it is a common confusion that every parent faces. I can’t give you the exact answer to this question but I can give you an idea of how much food should you give to your small-breed dog,

For a small breed dog, the average body weight is 5-10 kg. For this weight measurement, I give my dog around 150 grams of food in total weight as one serving. It can vary from 100 g to 250 grams according to your dog, age, body weight, appetite, and interest. In this guide of Chicken Rice recipe for small dog, we shared the recipes that will only make 150-200 grams of food as one serving.

Pedigree food packets come with a feeding chart. The chart is not wrong but it is also not correct for homemade Chicken Rice food. So I have met some modifications to the chart and here is the new chart for feeding chicken and rice to your small dog breeds-

Best Chicken Rice Recipe for small dog

I know that simply cooking chicken and rice for dogs is much easier. You can simply take big size chicken breasts, rice, and veggies and boil them all together and give it to your dog. You can go ahead with that but not with the small breed dogs.

Small dogs can bite and chew only small amount of food because of their small mouth. So, to make sure they are enjoying their one time love-made food, i prepare the food with some extra effort. And today in this Chicken Rice recipe for small dog guide, I am going to share my tips to make the best chicken and rice dishes for small dog breeds under 5-10kg. So here we go-

Chicken breast, rice, and vegetable recipe

Chicken breast, rice, and vegetable recipe
chicken rice recipe for small dog

Ingredients for Chicken Rice recipe for small dog

Chicken 30-40 grams

Rice 50-60 grams

Vegetables (green peas, carrot, spinach, pumpkin, beans) 40-50 grams

How to Prepare:

In this Chicken Rice recipe for small dogs, we are going to make a simple dish with extra effort. Here we go-

First of all, take 50 grams of cooked rice and set aside.

Now take the vegetables (you can take whatever is available) and cut them into small half to 1-cm sizes and set them aside.

Now take the chicken breast into a bowl, and take the vegetables in the same bowl and take one cup of water in it.

Add half a pinch of turmeric and bring the whole thing to a boil. Let it boil for at least 15-20 minutes and take it out. (Note: If you are using an Electric cooker then you will need less water, or you will want to add some more water if you are going to use a gas stove. Just make sure that in the end you are left with roughly 50-100 ml of chicken juice.)

After the chicken is cooked, take out the chicken breast and cut it into half to 1 cm pieces. This will allow the chicken flavor spread well on rice and vegetables, and also your pet will enjoy the small bite-size pieces.

So, that the cooking is now done, take all the items (rice vegetables, and chicken) in a bowl and mix it with a spoon.

And we are done. Nothing fancy, most simple, and easy-to-make chicken and rice recipe for small dog.

Extra: You can give A Pinch of salt to the food, but it is better not to use it because salt is not good for health.

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Liver fry and broccoli with rice

This chicken liver recipe is one step ahead of the normal chicken breast and rice recipe. First of all, chicken liver is quite cheaper than chicken breast. Also, everyone likes flavor more than chicken breast even dogs. In this recipe, I have combined chicken liver with some high nutrient vegetables like broccoli, beans, peas, etc.

Also, this chicken Rice recipe for small dog is going to be the taste bluster for your dog.

Key benefits:

Strong taste appetizer

More Protein

Vitamins and fibers from the vegetables

Also, Chicken livers offer numerous benefits for dogs as they are abundant in amino acids and provide high-quality protein. Moreover, they serve as an excellent source of essential nutrients such as zinc, and copper, which aids in preventing anemia, iron, and the vitamin B-complex group.


Chicken liver 50 grams

Broccoli, carrot, beans, or peas (50 grams)

Cook rice chicken

Coconut oil


How to Prepare:

In this Chicken rice recipe for small dog, we are taking chicken lever instead of breasts. If you often make food then giving chicken every time can be cost effective and boring for your dog too. So, you can alter your recipe with these variation of Chicken.

First of all, we need to cut the liver into small one-centimeter cube size pieces. You might get in trouble while cutting these RAW levers. In this case, I prefer to boil the chicken levers for a small amount of time. This will be hard and the levers and cutting it will be easy.

Now take your vegetables and cut them into small bite size pieces too.

Now on a fry Pan take some coconut oil, and heat it on a low to med flame.

After hitting the oil, take the chicken lever and the vegetables. Fry well until it releases its flavor.

Now the rice and mix them well on the pan while on a low flame. Also, add salt and a very little amount of turmeric.

Now add half a cup (50 ml) of water to the mixture and let it be on heat for 5 to 7 minutes.

This will create some gravy to the days making it event tastier.

So this was my favorite chicken liver, vegetable, and rice recipe which I often make for my Indian spitz dog. As I already have mentioned, her weight is 5.5 kg, so this amount of food is right for her.

Tip: Dogs really like to drink chicken soup. So if you want to boil Your Chicken levers or chicken breast and shape the water for some letter evening use then totally fine. You can save this water and give it to your dog in the morning or in the evening.

Last but not least, this recipe is more like an occasional recipe. I make this for my dog, especially on the weekend days and she loves it so much.

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Chicken feet vegetables and Rice

Chicken feet vegetables and Rice
chicken rice recipe for small dog

This Chicken Rice recipe for small dog is very easy to make. We Will use chicken feet in this recipe. Chicken feet are the cheapest chicken product in the market. You can get a lot of them at a very low price. So if you are looking for budget food recipes for dogs then the liver and rice recipe, and chicken feet and rice recipes are the best. This recipe will basically make khichdi with chicken feet.

Also the broiler chicken feet is softer and packed with flavour.


  • Strong bones
  • Nutrients from Vegetables
  • Overall great food diet for dogs

How to Prepare:

First of all, take the chicken feet and cut it into two pieces. You can take it two chicken feet which will make four pieces.

Now in a pressure cooker. Take some rice and whichever green vegetables you have in your fridge.
Add a pinch of salt and a pinch of turmeric.

All together in the boil. For a hundred grams of rice and 2 chicken feet, and some vegetables, you will need two cups of water in the pressure cooker.

Wait for 3 to 4 whistles and boom you are done. Take it all out and let it rest. You can serve it after cooling it.

You can add some mint leaves, and tulsi leaves to the Khichdi to make it even hell there.

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best chicken and rice recipe for small dogs

Benefits of Homemade Meals

Control over ingredients and quality: One of the primary benefits of preparing homemade meals for your small breed dog is having full control over the ingredients that go into their food.

Tailoring the recipe to individual needs: Homemade meals allow you to customize your dog’s diet according to their specific needs and preferences. You can adjust the recipe based on factors such as age, weight, activity level, and any existing health conditions.

For instance, if your dog is weak or has less weight then you will need more protein in his death. With homemade food, you can provide more protein to Valencia’s dog health.

Better than processed food: Doesn’t matter what they promise about your dog food, it still has artificial additives, preservatives, and fillers to keep it longer in your life. By giving your dog homemade food, you are making sure that your dog is away from all those harmful products. It may not harm every dog, but sometimes it increases health risks over time.

The truth about processed food

Also, I have seen severe interviews with different paw parents. That their dogs have better health when they’re old because of their regular homemade diet.

Make strong bonding: When you when giving your dog homemade food you are cheating your dog as a member of your family. This creates are strong bonding that not only mixes your taking good care of your dog but also it is making sure that your dog will not be front to and this Temper or other diseases due to ignorance.

Potential cost savings: Poultry Chicken are the best for dogs. They are cheaper and can easily be available. With this Chicken rice recipe for small dog, you can save the cost of your dogs food. While it may seem that homemade meals could be more expensive than commercial dog food, in the long run, it is possible to save money. By buying ingredients in bulk and utilizing seasonal produce, you can reduce costs.

Final words: All dogs love to eat meat. But for a small breed dog, poultry chicken is important because it is softer than other meat. Chicken Rice recipe for small dogs is perfect for those who won to prepare homemade meals for their dog. If you also love your dog so much, then I am strongly suggesting you prepare this kind of homemade meal for at least one time a day for your dog.

Whether it is a small breed or a large breed, a one-time homemade meal is necessary for our paw friends.

Will hope you like this post. Visit Paw Facts and Guide again for more interesting blogs on dogs.

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