5 Calcium Supplements For Dogs in India| Vet Approved (2024)

Looking for calcium supplement for your dogs? Today PetFactsNGuide is here with some of the best Vet Approved Calcium Supplements for Dogs in India.

I have seen many people buying random calcium syrup and tablets from local vets. if you are living in a small town then there is a big chance your vet will make you buy cheap quality calcium supplements for a higher price to maximize their profit.

So, to save our lovely pet parents and get the best for their best dogs, we are here with the 5 vet-approved calcium Supplements for Dogs. These Supplements do not include any calcium bones but only medically available syrups and tablets.

Why Dogs Need Calcium Supplements

Many new dog owners think that calcium supplements are not that necessary for dogs but they are wrong. According to research, dogs run a lot and their hyperactive sense is strongly dependent on their strong bones. So, it is very important to maintain your dog’s bone density and give the necessary calcium and phosphorus for the strong bones and make them free from bone disease in the future

Here is some important information, you should know if you are not giving calcium supplements to your dog.

  • First of all, if you want your dog to become big and healthy in the future then your dog needs calcium supplements
  • Leg bending is a kind of bone disease in dogs. If your dog does not have a healthy bone then leg bending may occur in the puppy age.
  • Osteomyelitis is another bone infection disease. This often happens to old age dogs. Their bones become inflamed and infected due to low bone nutrition deficiency.
  • Also, if you have a big dog breed like a labrador then it is very important to give them a quality bone supplement regularly. You may have seen that many Labradors get bone infections in their legs. So, if you do not want to see such a disease in your dogs, then start giving calcium supplements.

Now that you know the importance of calcium supplements in dogs, here are some best quality calcium supplements for Dogs.

Top 5 Vet-Approved Calcium Supplements for Dogs

These are the Best Vet trusted calcium supplements for dogs in India. You can get these products from any veterinary store or you can get them online from Amazon or Flipkart.

Calcimust Pet Calcium Supplement

Calcimust Pet Calcium Supplement

Calcimust Pet Calcium Supplement is an awesome Flavored Calcium and Phosphorus Boost. One standout feature of Calcimust is its flavored formula, making it more palatable for dogs. The inclusion of calcium and phosphorus ensures a well-rounded supplement that supports overall bone health.

The primary goal of any good calcium supplement for dogs is to enhance bone and muscle strength. Calcimust excels in this aspect, providing the necessary nutrients to support a robust skeletal system and muscular development.

An impressive attribute of the Calcimust Calcium Supplement is its ability to expedite the healing process of fractures. This can be particularly beneficial for dogs recovering from injuries, ensuring a quicker return to optimal health.

Calcimust caters to the unique needs of various life stages. Whether you have a growing pup, a pregnant dog, or one that’s lactating, this supplement is designed to provide the essential nutrients required during these critical periods.

Calcimust goes beyond the needs of just specific life stages. It proves to be an ideal choice for pets that may be weak due to various reasons, offering them the strength and support they require for an improved quality of life.

Virbac Nutrition Ostopet Calcium Supplement

Virbac Nutrition Ostopet Calcium Supplement

Virbac is a popular company known for supplying dog medicine. The Virbac Nutrition Ostopet Calcium and Multivitamin Pet Supplement is another amazing calcium supplement for dogs in this list.

It is a Regular Supplement For Canine Feeding. You can use it for daily consumption. Just give

This product can ensure better Growth. It can Enhance bone and strong structure to give support For Pups and young Dogs In A Palatable Strawberry Flavor.

It can help to Improve the Immune Response And Reduce Susceptibility To Diseases in dogs.

One of the best Calcium supplements for dogs to use regularly with food. Just give 5 ml for small dogs and 10 ml for big dogs every day with food.

Petvit Calcium Syrup for Dogs

Petvit Calcium Syrup for Dogs

Petvit Calcium Syrup for Dogs comes with all-rounder benefits for all types of bone disease in dogs. Here are some key points that make Pet vit calcium syrup essential for dogs.

Packed with vital elements including calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin D3, and B12, Petvit Calcium Syrup offers.

Petvit Calcium Syrup has lots of calcium, and it helps dogs’ broken bones heal faster. It makes their bones strong and steady again.

Growing pets need strong bones to grow up healthy. Petvit Calcium Syrup gives them the calcium and phosphorus they need for good growth. It’s like giving them a strong start in life.

Petvit Calcium Syrup works for all dogs, whether they’re little pups or grown-up. This supplement helps keep their bones healthy at every stage of their life.

So, with the Petvit calcium Syrup keep your dog active and strong.

HIMALAYA HimCal Pet Suspension

HIMALAYA HimCal Pet Suspension

Known for its brand, HIMALAYA HimCal Pet Suspension is one of the best Calcium and Phosphorous Supplement for Dogs.

HimCal Pet has calcium and phosphorus from oyster shells, promoting strong bones. It follows the recommended 1:0.8 ratio by AAFCO for bone density and ensures better growth and a disease-free future for your dogs.

The unique milky flavor is a hit with pets, and it gets absorbed quickly into their bodies. It is also suitable for all ages dogs and cats.

WOW DOG Chewable Calcium Tablet

WOW DOG Chewable Calcium Tablet

WOW DOG Chewable Calcium Tablet Another amazing product from Wow Dogs. This dog chewable calcium tablet is specially for your dogs’ daily health related to their bone.

It has Vitamin D3, B12, Magnesium, and zinc that ensure a strong bone structure for regular growth and disease-free life in the future. It makes a balanced nutrition in your dog’s bone structure that reduces future health risks.

This supplement is a chew tablet that comes in a chicken flavor that will work best for your dog’s interest.

Final Words: Besides a healthy diet, a dog needs two types of supplements regularly for their health and disease-free future. If you have a breed dog, then you need to give them regular Vitamin supplements and Calcium supplements.

We have listed our choices on the best Calcium Supplements for dogs in India. You can check our list of best Vitamin Supplements for dogs.

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