Best Winter Jackets For Dogs in India| 2024

Winter is coming and Humans are getting ready for it? But what about dogs? You may think that dogs do not need any extra clothes because they have fur which is not true. Dogs catch colds too and their vulnerability to the cold and fever is higher than humans. Especially small dogs get sick easily during the winter days. So, to solve this problem and to let your dog enjoy this winter, we have made a list of the best Winter Jackets for Dogs in India. Based on our experience, these winter jackets for dogs are made with the best material and work their job perfectly.

We have divided our list of Winter jackets into two parts. In the beginning, you will see a list of the best winter jackets for small dogs and then you can check our best choices of Winter jackets for Big dogs that are available on Amazon.

How to Choose a Winter Jackets for Dogs in India

Dog Winter jackets come in many types but you may end up spending money at the wrong times. This way we have brought to you this list of best winter jackets for dogs that are good and newly available on Amazon in the year 2023-2024.

There are quite a few things to keep in mind while choosing a better Winter jacket for dogs in India. You can check on these points while choosing from our list below-

Shape and Size matter the most. Small dogs require small and tight jackets that can hold their small body well. So, Select a jacket that fits snugly but allows for comfortable movement.

I have seen a few jackets that have really poor insulation making it hard for your dog to catch breath or maybe they get really hot inside, who knows. So, yes take care of that too.

Also, notice if the jacket is covering their lower abdomen or not. We have listed our best choices taking care of this point, you can recheck according to your dog’s shape and size.

Adjustability, Washability, and Durability. These three points are also important while choosing the best winter jackets for dogs in 2023. There are many poorly made products that don’t meet these requirements. So, Look for the best material used to make the jacket.

So, these are some important points to notice while buying the best Winter jackets.

Best Winter Jackets for Small Dogs in India

Small Dogs have special requirements for their winter jackets and there are not many winter jackets for small dogs on Amazon or other places. You can check our Blog on How to find small dog jackets that fits.

Now, lets check these small dog jackets for Winter

KUTKUT Small Medium Dog Warm Winter Jacket

I recently purchased the KUTKUT Small Medium Dog Warm Winter Jacket for my furry companion, and I must say it has exceeded my expectations in providing both style and functionality during the colder months in India.

KUTKUT Small Medium Dog Warm Winter Jacket

Premium and Stylish

The jacket boasts a sleek and classic design in black, making my small dog look effortlessly chic. Its turtleneck style provides additional coverage, ensuring my pet stays cozy even in chilly winds. It comes with sizing, as indicated (L Chest: 59cm-67cm).

KUTKUT Small Medium Dog Warm Winter Jacket

Waterproof, Windproof, Scratch Proof, Durable Material:

One of the standout features is the thicken fleece lining, which effectively retains warmth. It’s a waterproof and windproof jacket, keeping my dog dry and shielded from the elements during our winter walks. The insulation is impressive without adding unnecessary bulk, making it ideal for best winter jackets for small and medium dogs.

KUTKUT Small Medium Dog Warm Winter Jacket

Adjustable and Washable:

Putting on and taking off the jacket is a breeze, thanks to the well-designed closures and adjustable straps. Also, The KUTKUT Winter Jackets for small dogs are made from durable materials, and the stitching is top-notch.

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PetVogue Dog Winter Harness Jacket with Zipper

If your canine is light weight and has lots of furr then this your little canine companion has been a delight, thanks to the PetVogue Dog Winter Harness Jacket. This grey-hued masterpiece not only brings a touch of style to our outdoor adventures but also ensures my furry friend stays comfy and warm.

PetVogue Dog Winter Coat Harness Jacket with Zipper

Harness and Jacket in One:

The grey color of the jacket is not only look classic but also practical, easily complementing dog’s fur. The design incorporates a harness, eliminating the need for an additional collar or harness during walks. It also comes in different sizes making it the best dog winter jackets for all size dogs.

PetVogue Dog Winter Coat Harness Jacket with Zipper

Cozy yet Insulating:

Living in a cold climate, the insulation of this jacket exceeded my expectations. The material feels cozy and effectively shields a dog’s body from chilly winds. The zipper closure adds an extra layer of protection and comfort.

PetVogue Dog Winter Coat Harness Jacket with Zipper

Easy Zipper:

Small dogs are hard to manage. But these Winter jackets for small dogs are easy Putting on and taking off. Thanks to the well-designed zipper. The process is quick, making it convenient for both me and my dog.

Best Material and Durability:

Constructed from high-quality materials, the PetVogue winter jackets for dogs exhibits excellent durability. It withstands regular use and outdoor activities, showing no signs of wear or tear. The stitching and zipper quality contribute to its overall longevity.

Cocker Premium Dog Jackets for Winter

Best for small-size dogs, this jacket is one of the perfect ones for dogs that are always running and playing.

Cocker Premium Cotton Dog Jacket for Winter

Sizes for All:

It has the perfect fit with our winter jacket, available in all sizes. The adjustable chest part ensures not only comfort but also a tailored fit for your furry friend. Even if you order a little bit bigger size, it will still fit nicely covering all the sides. So, this one is the best Winter Jackets for Small Dogs.

Best Material:

Cocker Premium Cotton Dog Jacket for Winter

Best material used and crafted with care. As you can see it already looks so wooly and soft. This Dog. The combination of premium cotton and thicker fleece provides effective insulation that keeps your dog warm and insulated.

Go To Jacket, Easy to Handle:

Cocker Premium Cotton Dog Jacket for Winter

This thoughtful design allows for easy adjustments, and gives you the best mobility for you and your dog. You can put it on and put it off just one go, thanks to its ready to go design. Just ensure the perfect size for your pet and adding a touch of flair to their winter wardrobe.

Washable and Durable:

Washing this winter jacket is much easier than you think. Simply toss it into the washing machine like any other piece of clothing, and then hang it to dry.

Sage Square Fleeced Dog Winter Jackets

This Winter Jacket for dogs has a beautiful camouflage design and accurate sizes. Its simple design makes it easy to wear and comfortable at the same time.

Sage Square Fleece Lined Winter Dog Jacket Small

Adjustable Fitting:

This one is simple at its best and this Dog Winter Jacket will make sure the better mobility of your dog. It features elastic edges at the foot and bottom, and each piece is tailored for size adjustment, ensuring a perfect fit for your furry friend.

Sage Square Fleece Lined Winter Dog Jacket Small

Comfortable and Breathable:

Not only just fitting, this winter jacket is amazing for small-size dogs like pomerian or spitz. It only covers the necessary sides allowing your dog to cool down when they are in hot temperatures.

Machine Washing:

Not just the fit and comfort, this jacket is also machine washable. Just toss it into a washing machine and dry it in the sunlight. It is also very durable and scratch-resistant which makes it one of the best Winter clothes for dogs.

KUTKUT Winter Warm Dog Vest Jacket

This Winter vest or jacket for dogs is perfect for small dogs. You can see its neck design gives a tight fitting body fit that can fit even Chihuahua’s body comfortably. If you have a really small size dog and you want a budget-friendly winter jacket for your dog then this vest is for you.

KUTKUT Dog Winter jackets for dogs

Perfect Size for Toy Breeds:

Ensure a perfect fit for your furry friend with our carefully sized L option (Back Length: 35cm, Chest: 45cm, Neck: 38cm, Weight: 65 Gram). Follow the size chart diligently to avoid exchanges. Ideal for small breeds like Shih Tzu, Pug, Toy Bulldog, Maltese, Bichon, Pekingese, etc., prioritize chest girth when measuring.

KUTKUT Dog Winter jackets for small dogs chihuhua

Comfortable and Adjustable:

Crafted from 100% Polyester Fleece, this machine-washable vest keeps your small dog warm all winter. The pullover design, absent of Velcro or zippers, is gentle on your pet’s hair, featuring elastic ribbing for comfort.

It also has a cute small leash attachment that adds functionality. Comes with over 3 color choices. So, make sure your dog stays warm and stylish while easy to clean after winter walks, this vest is built for durability and convenience.

So, these are some specially designed Winter jackets for dogs on Amazon India. You can get these for a comfortable price from Amazon.

Winter Jackets for Big Dogs in India

Now that we have all the better Small dog jackets for Winter, it is time to reveal our choices on the best winter jackets for big dogs. In this list, we have put 5 such jackets that are not compatible with large dogs but also their design and material are specially crafted for their big size and heavy resistance.

Sage Square Big Dog Winter Jacket

Another beautiful Red color Winter jackets for big dogs like Retriever, GSD, Pittbull, etc. It has all the amazing features like good material, keeps warmth, durability, waterproofing, etc.

Dog Winter Coat with Fur Collar Light Weight

Comfortable at its pick:

Sage Square’s dog coat provides ultimate warmth with a cotton inner lining, high-quality fleece padding, and a waterproof polyester exterior. It is Perfect for snowy or drizzly days, ensuring your furry friend stays cozy, warm, and dry during playtime.

Dog Winter Coat with Fur Collar Light Weight

Adjustable with Hook:

This winter jacket for dogs features a cute fur collar for added warmth, adjustable Velcro closures on the belly and neck, and a two-way hemming zipper for collar or harness incorporation. The elastic belly band accommodates excited dogs, making it a comfortable and stylish choice.

Premium Material:

Crafted from high-quality materials and fabric, this winter vest is thick, durable, lightweight, and warm, ideal for the coldest winter weather, and hardcore dog plays.

Machine Washable:

Also, Cleaning this Winter Jackets for big dogs is a breeze with this dog coat. Simply toss it into the washing machine and hang dry, making it effortless to maintain, even for playful and adventurous dogs.

Heads Up For Tails Cozy Pupper Reversible Dog Jacket

Heads Up For Tails is a known brand and its Cozy Pupper Reversible Dog Jacket is the perfect Winter jacket for big dogs. Heads Up for Tails is a popular brand that has a lot of quality products for your paws and this winter dog jacket is one of them and it is a game-changer for big dogs.

Heads Up For Tails Cozy Pupper Reversible Dog Jacket

Double the Comfort:

Designed for ultimate comfort, the jacket is not only reversible but also boasts a vibrant Yellow/Ocean Blue color scheme.

Perfect Fit for Big Paws:

It is specially made for big dogs, and the 2XL size ensures a very comfortable fit. The jacket provides ample coverage without sacrificing mobility.

Cozy Pupper Reversible Dog Jacket

Quality Construction:

Heads Up For Tails brand is known for its delivering quality. The Cozy Pupper Reversible Dog Jacket is made with attention to give you maximum durability for harsh winter playing.

Sage Square Premium Dog Winter Jacket

Sage Square Premium Dog Winter jacket for big dog is another amazing product on this list. Here are some of its specialty to count-

big Dog Winter Warm Jacket for winter

Windproof & Warm:

This Winter Dog jacket provides the optimal protection in bad weather with the windproof polyester exterior of this dog coat. The double-layer fleece lining ensures your furry friend stays warm and cozy too.

Stylish & Adjustable Design:

Designed with elastic edges at the foot and bottom, this dog winter jacket allows for easy size adjustments, combining style with functionality.

Dog Winter Ultra Warm Jacket for pets

Fine Workmanship:

This jacket also has hooks and loops for effortless wear. The three-dimensional cutting ensures your pet looks sleek a f free to move without any restraint.

Thicker Fleece for Warmth:

Crafted with high-quality cotton and thicker fleece, this dog coat is a winter necessity, effectively shielding your pet from the cold without compromising on comfort.

Machine Washable Convenience:

Keep your pet’s winter attire fresh and ready for the next use with easy cleaning. Simply toss the dog jacket into the washing machine and hang dry – it’s that simple!

Lana Paws Rainbow Dog Winter Sweater

Still looking for Winter jackets for big dogs? The Lana Paws Rainbow Dog Winter Sweater is a vibrant and practical choice in this list. Specifically designed for the majestic Golden Retrievers, Labradors, and similar breeds in Size 30″.

best dog cloths for winter for big dogs

Eye-Catching Design:

You cannot overlook the charming rainbow design that adorns this winter sweater. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the vibrant colors add an element of cheer to the winter season, making your furry friend stand out during chilly walks.

Perfect Fitting:

This dog jacket is crafted for larger breeds like Golden Retrievers and Labradors. Its Size 30″ ensures a comfortable fitting to large breed dogs. Also, this Winter Jacket for dogs comes in other sizes for medium and small dogs.

Dog Winter Sweater for Retrievers

Warmth and Comfort:

Lana Paws winter dog jackets prioritize warmth and comfort. The high-quality materials used in this sweater provide an effective shield against the cold. Also, its material is very durable for rough play times during the winter.

Easy Washing:

Understanding the busy lives of pet owners, we have selected Lana Paws Winter jackets for dogs because it is easy to wash and their material hardly catches any dirt or stains that actually stay. All thanks to the material.

Final Words: As the winter is coming, a winter Jacket is one of the most important needs for dogs. For you all, we have tested and shared our best recommendations on the best Winter Jackets for dogs in India. Get yours Today from Amazon at a discount price.

We hope you liked this blog on the Best Winter jackets for dogs. Share with your friends and Visit PawFactsNGuide again.

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