Get These 3 Dogs under 5000 Rs in India(No Hidden Charges)

Dogs under 5000 rupees in India is possible? Dogs are pricey. Many of us hope to get a pet dog but want them to be a little less expensive. In that case, you can always go for Indies but today we are going to share with you such 3 dog breeds that are very affordable to get. So, Without wasting any more time, get these 3 dogs under 5000 rupees in India.

I have seen quite a few blogs that tell us about buying dogs under 5k Rs but when you enter those blogs, you end up finding really expensive dogs like Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel, Pomeranian, etc. Even though all these dogs are toy breeds still they are very expensive anywhere in India. If you really want a pet dog under 5000 rupees then you have only a few choices to go with.

Budget-friendly dogs under 5k Benefits:

First of all, you can get these budget-friendly dogs under 5k in anywhere in India. Many expensive dog breeds aren’t available in many parts of India. But these low-price dogs under 5000 can easily be found in your localities.

The second important point is you do not have to spend a lot of money on such dogs. Also, you will be left with enough fund to buy your friend tasty treats, toys, and grooming kits.

Every dog is adorable and lovable. Buying expensive breeds is pointless. So, these lowest price dogs are the best option if you are only adopting for a companion. However, guard dogs are big and they come for a little higher price.

Last but ot least, if you just want a lap dog and you do not have a lot of time then these small breed dogs under 5k will be the best choice for you.

3 Dogs under 5000 rupees in India

Top Dogs under 5000 rupees in India 2024

These low price dogs under 5000 rupees can easily be found anywhere in India and there will not be any hidden charges for these dogs. You can get these dogs for under 5000 rupees only in any location of India and if your breeder asks for more than 5k for these dogs then simply look for other breeders in your place because these dogs do not cost more than 5k.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive into our list of under 5000 rupees dogs in India 2023-


Dachshunds is our first low price dogs under 5000 in India. This long sausage-looking dogs are small breed of dogs, also known as “Wiener dog,”. They are very clever, curious, and loyal dogs with long bodies, short legs, and alert expressions.

Dachshunds are hound dogs that come in different sizes and colors. As they are hound dogs, their hunting instincts are high and their regular exercise needs are high.

Dachshund are not that expensive. These small breed dogs can be found at a price range of 4000 to 8000 rupees in India. Breeders can go even cheaper if the Dachshund Puppy quality is average or smaller. The price may go higher if the puppy is really healthy and doesn’t have any sign of illness or irregularity.

Characteristics of Dachshund

Height: 8-9 inches (Standard), 5-6 inches (Miniature)

Weight: 7-14 kilograms (Standard), up to 4.5 kilograms (Miniature)

Colors: Various colors, including red, black, tan, chocolate, and dapple

Life Expectancy: 12-16 years

Price: Around 3,000 – 8,000 rupees

Common Health Issues: Back Disease, Dental Issues, Skin Issues, Cushing’s Disease, Obesity, Cancers/Tumors, Cardiac Disorders.


  • Demonstrates unwavering loyalty, affection, and the ability to forge strong bonds with their owners.
  • Ideal for families with children and other pets, fostering a harmonious environment.
  • Exhibits adaptability, thriving in various living environments with ease.
  • Demands only short, daily walks and moderate exercise, making them suitable for various lifestyles.
  • Showcases versatility through a range of sizes, colors, and coat types, allowing for personal preferences in selecting the perfect companion.


  • Susceptible to back problems, notably intervertebral disc disease, leading to potential mobility challenges.
  • Training may pose a challenge due to their inherent stubbornness.
  • Demands consistent training and mental stimulation to address tendencies for excessive barking and digging.
  • They require deliberate socialization efforts, as they may exhibit wariness and aggression towards strangers.
  • Prone to overeating, necessitating careful monitoring to prevent weight gain.

Pug Dogs under 5k Rs

Pug dog under 5k rs in india

Who won’t love a Pug. This adorable sad human face puppy is actually very much like a human. They always sleeping or cuddling with you. All they need is human attention.

Small, charming, friendly, and socially active Pugs are really good for small apartments and for busy parents. This is the kind of dog that gets along well with children and other pets.

They need less grooming, less food, and less conditioned weather. If you are looking for a house dog and a best companion then Pug would be the best. In India, Pug’s average price starts from 4000 to 10000 rupees. You can them as cheap as 4000 rupees if you look for home breeders.

These dogs have wrinkled faces with distinctive expressions, short, glossy coats, and curled tails. Pugs are small dogs that are famous for their playful, adaptable, and clownish nature. Despite their small size, these dogs require regular exercise and minimal grooming.

Considering everything, Pug is one of the low price dogs under 5000 in India.


Height: 10-13 inches

Weight: 6.3-8.1 kilograms

Colors: Fawn, black

Life Expectancy: 12-15 years

Price: Around 3,000 – 12,000 rupees


  • Best for cuddling, sleeping with, and socializing.
  • Pugs are literally the best puppies for children and families.
  • Pugs are best for the Indian climate. They can easily blend in both the hot and cold weather of India.
  • As they are small breed dogs, they do not need a lot of exercise or out dor exercise.
  • They behave like jokers always joking, giving you laughter all the time.


  • They shed heavily during their shedding season.
  • Tends to overeat, making them prone to obesity.
  • Susceptible to respiratory, eye, and joint-related issues.
  • Not easy to train but you can surely do it with some patience.
  • Prone to loud snoring and noisy breathing, particularly in hot weather or during physical exertion.

Indian Spitz

 low price dogs under 5000 Indian Spitz

Indian Spitz is one of the best budget-friendly low price dogs under 5000 rupees in India. These dogs are adorable furry friends. They can be a house dog or a guard dog in front of your get. An Indian Spitz will tell you about the stranger long before they hit can calling bell. They may bark a little more but you can learn How to Indian Spitz Excessive barking here.

I myself am an Indian Spitz parent and I got my pawfriend for 5000 rupees from HR Pets. Just like Pug and Dachshund, Indian Spitz are also small breed dogs that don’t require a lot of food or frequent grooming. All they need is some good care and attention.

They may maybe hard to train but if you simply raise them like your kids and stop them from doing something that they shouldn’t, they will learn everything in under 1 year.

Indian Spitz or Culture Spitz comes in really cheap in India. You can even find broken ear culture spitz (smaller size) under 2000-3000 rupees in the rural areas of India. Higher quality or bigger size Indan Spitz price can go as high as 6000-7000 rupees but not more than that.

Indian Spitz are loyal, playful, easy to maintain, and are available in a variety of colors including shades of white, fawn, black, or cream.

So, considering all the factors Indian Spitz can be your best dogs under 5000 in 2024.

Features of this breed

Height: 9-12 inches

Weight: 5-7 kilograms

Colors: White, brown, black, and cream

Life Expectancy: 10-14 years

Price: Around 3,000-8,000 rupees


  • Indian Spitz requires really low grooming and exercise needs.
  • Are Indian spitz friendly with kids? Yes for sure.
  • Spitz can live in the hot Indian Climate, they can also live out the cold weather in India.
  • They are maybe not highly trainable but you can easily train them during the puppy stage.
  • They are known for having a deep bond with owners


  • Requires regular exercise, making them more suitable for active individuals.
  • Exhibits a tendency to bark excessively.
  • Not well-suited for extreme climates.
  • Demonstrates occasional stubbornness.
  • Less ideal for families with small children.

Indian Pariah or Desi Dogs

My personal best choice is the Indian Pariah or Desi Dogs. Desi dogs or Indie dogs are known to everyone. Many think they are ugly but honestly, when you fall in love with your pet, you never see their face but their twinkling eyes.

Adopting a desi dog does not require any money. All you need to do is bring a 4-6 week old puppy and start feeding good food. Here is a complete guide to feeding an Indian Pariah Puppy here.

Apart from that, Desi dogs are the strongest dogs in for Indian climate. They hardly get any disease and can digest any food you give them. With very little expenses, you can give them the best and healthy life and get all the love you want.

People say that Indie dogs are hard to train which is totally wrong. Just train them well from the beginning of their puppy age then you will see how helpful they can become.

Features of this breed

Height Males: 20–25 in (51–64 cm), Females: 18–23 in (46–58 cm)

Weight: Males 20–30 kg (44–66 lb), Females: 15–25 kg (33–55 lb)

Coat: Short

Colour: solid fawn, pied (fawn/black & white), black (rare)

Life span: 10-13 years

Price: Null or O rupees


  • Hardy and resilient, adapted to local environmental conditions.
  • Low maintenance with minimal grooming requirements.
  • Generally healthy with fewer inherited health issues.
  • Intelligent and trainable with proper socialization.
  • Often display strong loyalty and make excellent watchdogs.


  • Can be territorial and may display aggression towards strangers.
  • Varied appearance and size can make predicting traits challenging.
  • Prone to ticks and fleas, requiring regular preventive care.
  • Maybe less tolerant of extreme temperatures.
  • Variable temperament, as socialization, is crucial for a stable demeanor.

Final Words: Apart from these dogs under 5000 rupees in India, other dogs are quite expensive. You see other blogs telling you price starts from low to high but a foreign breed dog will always come pricey like more than 10,000 or so. You can check this list of 3 dogs under 5k rs and these dogs will not cost more than that. You can also check out the Best Dog breeds under 10,000 rupees here.

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