9 in 1 Vaccine for Dogs in India Name, and Price

Looking for the best 9 in 1 Vaccine Name in India for dogs? Well, there are a few types of vaccines for dogs like 5 in 1, 7 in 1, and the 9 in 1. Many dog parents get confused while vaccinating their dogs and can not decide which one is best for their dog. So, today in this article, we will share with you some crucial details, especially about the 9 in 1 vaccine for dogs in India. This article also includes information about 9 in 1 Vaccine price in India and which one is the best 9 in 1 dog vaccine name in India.

So, if you are a new dog owner then the first thing you are suggested is to vaccinate your dog. The vet may have suggested 3 types of vaccine and a few brands with different price ranges. Today we are going to tell you the best vaccine for dogs to choose from.

What is 9 in 1 Vaccine?

Vaccines are kind of a medicine that prevents dogs from getting contagious diseases. There are quite a few types of vaccines for dogs, such as Rabies Vaccines, DHPPiL vaccines, DHP vaccines for puppies, etc. Today we are talking about the DHPPiL vaccines that mainly come in 3 forms 5 in 1, 7 in 1, and 9 in 1.

Unlike rabies vaccines that are used for rabies only, DHPPiL vaccines are used to prevent vital contagious diseases. DHPP stands for Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus and Parainfluenza.

Thus DHPPiL 9 in 1 vaccine can prevent all these 4 major contagious viral diseases along with the other related ones. A total of 9 types of viral diseases can be prevented with this vaccine. Others can be found cheaper and they cover fewer disease prevention. So, the vet always suggests using 9 in 1 vaccine for the best results.

Benefits of the 9 in 1 Vaccine

The 9 in 1 vaccine for dogs is for the prevention of the 9 contagious diseases which include canine distemper, infectious canine hepatitis, canine adenovirus type 2, parainfluenza, parvovirus (CPV), lepto canicola, lepto grippotyphosa, lepto icterohaemorrhagiae and lepto Pomona.

By giving your dog this vaccine, you are making sure that you are giving the best protection from future diseases.

For now, the market has the best option which is DHPPiL 9 in 1 vaccines in India. It may cost a little more than others and you wouldn’t compromise with your dog’s health, right?

Now that we know about the vaccine, let’s learn which is the best 9 in 1 dog vaccine name available in India and its price details-

Best 9 in 1 Vaccine Name in India for Dogs

According to professionals and vets, there are a few dog vaccine brands available in India that manufacture 9 in 1 vaccine for dogs. These brands are Recombitek, CANIGEN®, and the famous Nobivac vaccines.

You may see some cheaper vaccines available in your area. It is strongly recommended not to go with those kinds of vaccines as they can cause vital health issues or they may not work at all.

So, there are mainly 2 DHPPiL 9 in 1 vaccine brands in India that are best and vet-approved. You can use these 9 in 1 dog Vaccine names and ask your vet to give these to your dog.

9 in 1 Dog Vaccine Names

  • Nobivac DHPPi/L 9
  • Canigen DHPPi/L 9
  • Canine Spectra 9
  • Vanguard DHPPi/L 9
  • Megavac 7

These are some 9 in 1 dog vaccine names that are available in India. In this below guide, we will share review for the best ones for your dog.

Nobivac Vaccines for Dogs

Nobivac Vaccines for dogs

There are many poor-quality vaccines. These vaccines are cheap quality products that can cause serious damage to your dogs. Nobivac vaccines are the most popular and vet-trusted 9-in-1 vaccine in India. Nobivac brand is the best because it is from MSD Animal Health. It has other versions too like 5 in 1 and 7 in 1, but Nobivac 9 for dogs are the best and trusted option among all.

Nobivac DHPPiL 9 in 1 vaccine price

is different in different states of India. As of the information Nobivac DHPPiL 9-in-1 vaccine’s average price is 800-1000 rupees. I am from Assam and my vet took 900 for one shot of Nobivac for the first time. It was 800 rupees for the vaccine and 100 rupees for the injection. So, if you are also interested to know the exact 9 in 1 vaccine price for dogs then you can spend like this.

If your vet asks for extra money, then you can simply ask them for the vaccine bottle and check the price and other details in it.

Nobivac® DHPPi 9 in 1 vaccine fights canine distemper (CDV), canine parvovirus disease (CPV), canine contagious hepatitis caused by canine adenovirus type 1 (ICH), and respiratory disease caused by canine parainfluenza (CPi) and canine adenovirus type 2 (CAV2).

CANIGEN 9 in 1 Vaccine for dogs

CANIGEN 9 in 1 Vaccine for dogs

Virback India is another manufacturer that makes dog vaccines like Rabigen and Canigen. Canigen is the type of 9 in 1 vaccine we are talking about in this article while Rabigen is the other kind of dog vaccine that is used specifically to prevent rabies.

CANIGEN® DHPPi/L is a live vaccine specifically altered to safeguard dogs from severe illnesses and contagious diseases. It comes in 2 small containers, one of them is DHPPi and the other one is L4.

It is advised for the proactive immunization of dogs starting from 8 weeks of age to ward off infection, reduce mortality, and mitigate clinical symptoms associated with Canine Distemper, Parvovirus Enteritis, Hepatitis, respiratory disease triggered by CAV-2 and Parainfluenza virus, as well as leptospirosis caused by L.canicola and L.icterohaemorrhagiae.

CANIGEN 9 in 1 vaccine price

CANIGEN® DHPPi/L 9 in 1 vaccine price is 600 rupees per unit. The total cost of vaccinating your dog with Canigen DHPPi/L can be different based on your location in India. As of my experience, the vet told me, this 9 in 1 vaccine price is around 600, and the service cost is 100 rupees. So, the total CANIGEN® DHPPi/L 9 in 1 vaccination price is 700 rupees per dose.

Caution for Pet Parents:

We always recommend paw parents to use the best vaccine available like Rabies and DHPPiL 9 in 1 vaccine. You may have offered with cheaper vaccine in India.

Some of the vaccines cost 1-200 rupees and you will pay 500 rupees for each shot. These vaccines really don’t work and you may end up with some nightmare. So, definitely discuss with your vet but in many rural areas of India, even the vets or so-called vets do these frauds.

So, it is strongly recommended to get Nobivac or Canigen vaccine brands and go for 9 in 1 vaccine shots for the best result.

Final Words: So, this is detailed information about the the best vaccines for dogs in India. You can also get 9 in 1 vaccine price details and the best 9 in 1 dog vaccine name for dogs in this article.

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