Chihuahua Dog Price in India

Looking for CHIHUAHUA DOG PRICE IN INDIA? Chihuahua Dogs are popular dog breeds in India. These small dogs are known for their cute look, small size, and very angry behavior but they are just adorable and harmless like other dogs. If you are also a Chihuahua lover and want to adopt one then this article is for you. Check out the best prices of Chihuahuas in India along with other crucial information about Chihuahua adoption.

Chihuahua dogs are always hyped on the Internet. This popular dog breed is loved by everyone but they are a bit costly so, not everyone can afford it. So, today in this post, we are going give you brief information about Chihuahua prices in different states of India, good sides and bad sides of having a Chihuahua at home, the Monthly food cost of a Chihuahua, or how much food a chihuahua needs on a daily basis? And most importantly how to get a pure chihuahua bred in India.

Chihuahua Dog’s Personality

Chihuahuas are known as the smallest breed of dogs worldwide. Their cute tiny size is their core attraction. Despite their size, they have some really unique personalities that might suit you the best.

Chihuahuas make great friends. They enjoy being with people and stay devoted to their owners. Even though they are small and might like sitting on your lap, they also like to play and stay busy.

Chihuahuas can be good for families if you treat them kindly. But, be careful because they might snap at people they don’t know or little kids who seem scary to them because of their small size.

Just like many small dogs, they tend to bark a lot. Sometimes, they might try to be the boss and can be a bit moody.

Weight-2-6 lbs.
Height-7 in-9 in.
Color-Any color
Exercise-<20 minutes/day
Energy level-Very energetic
Life Span-14-18 yrs.
Attention Needs-High
chihuahua dog details

Chihuahua Dog Price in Indian

Chihuahua Dog Price in different states of India

A chihuahua puppy price in India may range anywhere around Rs 10,000-25000 in India which basically depends on the purity of the breed, the place in India where you are getting the puppy from, and the age of the dog.

If you are a new parent or looking for a Chihuahua adoption, You can get a Complete Chihuahua Care Guide here.

Chihuahua Puppy Price in Different States of India

Chihuahua puppy price in Assam
Rs 10,000-15,000
Chihuahua puppy price in West Bengal
Rs 8,000-20,000
Chihuahua Price in Delhi
Rs 15,000 – 30,000
Chihuahua Puppy Price in Maharashta
Rs 15,000-25,000
Chihuahua Puppy price in Rajastan
Rs 10,000-23,000
Chihuahua puppy Price in UP
Rs 10,000-15,000
Chihuahua puppy price in Kerala
Rs 15,000-25,000
Chihuahua puppy price in Tamilnadu
Rs 10,000-20,000
Chihuahua puppy price in jaipur
Rs 15,000-25,000
Chihuahua puppy price in Surat
Rs 10,000-20,000
Chihuahua puppy price in Kanpur
Rs 15,000-20,000
Chihuahua puppy price in LucknowRs 13,000-18,000
Chihuahua Dog Price chart

Chihuahua Dog’s Pros And Cons

These are some good sides and bad sides of having a chihuahua dog in your house. Consider these as your basic consideration and benefits-


The biggest positive side of having a Chihuahua at home is their tiny size. It is perfect for you if you live in a small apartment or don’t have a big enough yard or space which is required of big dogs. Also, because of their small size, they do not have high requirements for living. Little food and little exercise are all they need to stay healthy. Also, they do not need a lot of grooming as they are small and run around the house they almost never get dirty at all.

Chihuahuas are smart dogs, they are known to be very intelligent and learn commands easily, they are also socially souled hence you can expose your chihuahua to people around you.

Last but least they are really cuddly. Because of their small size, their only best friend is you and they will always try to stay close to you, cuddle with you, and sleep on your lap which will make you feel even better.

Chihuahuas have a pretty long lifespan so it is a good enough reason for people who want a long-term friendship.


Despite their cute look, Chihuahuas are very aggressive and moody. Don’t get fooled by the tiny little looks, they can be very moody at some time and do things out of aggression.

You need to understand that this dog breed is not so considerable. It only understands its owner. So, leaving them completely with the children is not recommended. However, all these problems can go away with a good amount of training and socialization.

Chihuahuas bark a lot and they need a lot of attention every now and then otherwise they aren’t afraid to use their vocals.

They may not need a lot of food, grooming, and exercise but they need a lot of attention from their owner. So, you need to be prepared for that too.

Because of their small sizes, Chihuahuas are prone to many health issues like breed specific disorder, which includes Epilepsy, patella luxation, mitral valve disease, etc. So, Be ready to meet the vet once in a while. You can avoid their health issues, by learning from our Chihuahua Common Health Problems here.

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Chihuahua Monthly Expenses

A Chihuahua dog do not need a lot of money to be in the house. Small amount of nutrition rich food and lots of care is just enough to keep a happy Chihuahua with you. If you still ask, you can manage a Chihuahua dog’s monthly expenses with only 1500-2000 rupees in India. Here is some more details what you need to consider buying for your Chihuahua expenses.

Monthly Food Cost of Chihuahua

Feeding your chihuahua freshly cooked homemade food that is safe for your chihuahua is the best option for their health. But as specifically for Chihuahua, we all must consider visiting a vet for a proper diet chart for their future.

As a dog expert, I can recommend you give 100 grams of a packed homemade meal that contains 40% rice, 30% protein, and 30% vegetables. Such one meal will cost you around as low as 10-20 rupees in India. That will be 500 rupees every month for their base food intake.

Because of their playful and energetic behavior, consider having some treats for every now and then but always remember to give them treats once per day. I never recommend you to give packaged food to any dogs. So, here is a list of Homemade Natural Treats for Dogs you can try making at home for your Chihuahua.

Other Monthly Cost

All over the monthly cost of your Chihuahua food will range anywhere around 1,000-4,000 INR according to the supplies you provide them including toys, grooming needs, treats, etc. Although it may vary according to the quality of meat and chewable treats you provide to your chihuahua pet.

How to get a Pure Bred Chihuahua In India

There are lots of places available in India from markets to personal breeders and online sites, where breeders provide purebred chihuahuas dogs in India, but how do we know if the Chihuahua that you are getting is purebred or not? Here are some tips –

  • Compare against AKC’S BREED standards.
  • Ask your veterinarian
  • Ask for certificates of the breeder.
  • Ask for DNA test of the dog.
  • Get detailed information about the breeder’s place. Tips for Chihuahua Pet Parents

It is very important, especially as a chihuahua pet parent to know about a chihuahua’s temperaments, chihuahuas tend to get a little aggressive at times thus training them properly is a must.

You cannot leave a chihuahua home alone as they may bark a lot and cause neighbors problems, it is necessary that you keep your chihuahua pup stimulated throughout the day with exercise and lots of toys.

Finally keeping a monthly health checkup from your vet should be on your priority list. Enjoy every little moment you spend with your little pup. Chihuahuas bring lots of fun moments and joy to our lives.

Final Words: Chihuahua Price is not something you can randomly know from one breeder. To get a Chihuahua puppy at the best price, you have to visit different breeders or pet shops and ask them for the best price. we have shared the best average price of a Chihuahua dog in India’s different states in this article.

We hope you liked this article on Chihuahua Puppy Price in India. Visit PawFactsNGuide for more guides and information like this.

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