Truth About Dog and Fox Interbreeding: Is it Possible?

Can Dogs and Foxes Create Hybrid Offspring? After the viral Internet sensation Doxim, many people are curious to know the Truth About Dog and Fox Interbreeding. Is it even possible for Dogs and Foxes to Produce Pups Together? The simple answer is No, they do not have the ability to create Hybrid Offspring or produce pups because of their unmatched chromosomes in DNA. 

Even if they manage to have intercourse, it won’t result in any pregnancy. Or let’s say they manage to mate and get pregnant and give birth. Even after that, the pup will not be healthy enough to live a long life. There are a few trials that scientists have made but the result was unfortunate. 

Yes, from a report we have found that scientists have managed to create hybrid offspring from a dog and a fox but the pups were very unhealthy and all 6 pups died in a week or so.

Today in this article we will dive deep into the topic of breeding dogs and foxes. 

Truth About Dog and Fox Interbreeding: Is it Possible?

Truth About Dog and Fox Interbreeding: Is it Possible?

As we have already mentioned the Dogs and Foxes can not mate for breeding. It is not possible for dog and fox interbreeding to make pups. Here is why-

Domestic Dogs and Foxes are not the Same

Foxes and dogs share a common family, Canidae, but their evolutionary journeys diverged in the distant past. As we trace their evolutionary paths, dogs fall under the genus Canis, while foxes are distributed among various other genera. The most prevalent fox species, for example, belong to the Vulpes genus. This genetic divergence between these two groups took place over 7 million years ago! Notably, the Canidae family also encompasses other fascinating creatures like coyotes, jackals, and, notably, the ancestral Canis, wolves.

Difference in DNA structure

Dogs and foxes, belonging to distinct genera, possess significantly different genetic material. Foxes have 34 chromosomes, while dogs have 78, representing a substantial chromosomal disparity. This significant difference greatly impacts their potential for successful breeding. The production of viable and fertile offspring typically requires a high degree of genetic similarity. When there is such a substantial difference in chromosomal makeup, the likelihood of producing a viable hybrid becomes exceedingly remote.

So it is 99% not possible for a dog to make family with foxes and dog and fox interbreeding is not possible. Then how the Dogxim was born?

How Doxim was born?

How Doxim was born?

The first ever Dog and Fox Hybrid Dogxim was found in a Brazilian state. The creature was kind of a miracle and the very first of its kind. Scientists have pretty amazing test results for this Discovery. 

However, the one-of-a-kind Doxim is now dead. It is very rare and we can say the 1% possibility of becoming successful in mating and breeding successfully between a fox and a dog.

What will happen if more Dog and Fox Hybrid appear?

This is basically a natural imbalance which will be very rare as both their DNA completely different. 

The idea that foxes and dogs are closely related is a common misconception, perhaps due to some dog breeds having a fox-like appearance, like Shiba Inu and long-haired Chihuahua. In reality, foxes differ significantly from dogs, being smaller with flatter skulls, longer bodies, shorter legs, and remarkable genetic diversity.

Can a Dog and a wolf can Interbreed?

Yes, a dog and a wolf can breed and produce Pups. You can see many examples on the Internet. Many pet parents have made it successful and living with their dog-wolf hybrid. So, it is possible. Why?

Dogs, with their 78 chromosomes, have successfully mated with fellow Canis genus members, including wolves (their ancestral species), dingoes (considered feral domestic dogs), jackals (with 78 or 80 chromosomes), and coyotes (with 78 chromosomes). Genetically, these species are far more closely related to dogs than foxes are.

What if a Fox tries to mate with a Dog

Fox often lives near human habitats. We can find foxes playing around grass fields or paddy fields because they mostly like to eat small rats, rabbits, etc. 

So, it is possible for a Fox to mate with a dog in rare cases but it is not going to result in anything. Because of the different chromosomes in both species, it won’t result in any pregnancy even if a Fox tries to mate with a dog.

Final Thoughts: You may have seen giant-size hybrid dogs come from cross-breeding Dogs and Wolves. This might make you curious if a dog and a fox can make puppies. The simple answer is no, dog and fox interbreeding is not possible.

The Dogxim that has been going viral recently is a very rare case. Even after successfully creating hybrid offspring, the unfortunate Dogxim died young. It will never be healthy for a puppy that came from breeding a dog and a fox because of their unmatched DNA structure. So, Dog and Fox Interbreeding can not happen practically.

We Hope this will help you understand the Truth About Dog and Fox Interbreeding. Read more cool blogs on PawfactsNGuide.

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