What is Viral DogXim? The Discovery of the First Ever Dog-Fox Hybrid

An enthralling tale that began its enigmatic journey in 2021. It all commenced with an urgent call to action, summoning an intrepid animal rescue team to the town of Vacaria, Rio Grande do Sul. The Animal was later transferred to a recognized facility and found out to be the first-ever Dog-Fox Hybrid and it was named DogXim.

Scientists and Wildlife enthusiasts have been astonished at the discovery of the world’s first dog-fox hybrid in Brazil.

The cause for concern stemmed from a harrowing hit-and-run incident that had left an enigmatic creature grievously injured. Without hesitation, the Environmental Patrol swiftly intervened, orchestrating the creature’s safe passage to the hallowed halls of the veterinary hospital at the illustrious Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). Thus began the enigmatic odyssey of an unprecedented find in the annals of zoological discovery—a creature that would astonish even the most seasoned biologists and veterinarians.

Here is what Scietiest told Newsweek about How they found and recognized a dog hybrid.

What is DogXim? Full Story of First Ever Dog-Fox Hybrid

What is DogXim? Full Story

As it is already mentioned an unknown animal that got hit by a car in 2021. Local rescuers found the animal lying injured. The creature was initially conveyed to the esteemed veterinary facility at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). Subsequently, it was transferred to the Center for Conservation and Rehabilitation of Wild Animals, embarking on the next phase of its journey toward recuperation and study.

Later it was found out to be a Dog-Fox Hybrid and Names as Dogxim.

How the Fist Ever Dog-Fox Hybrid was Discovered

According to the researcher Cristina Araujo Matzenbacher told Newsweek, for them as a biologist and veterans, it was completely normal. The animal had Normal Dog-like eyes and coat. It barked like a dog. However, she had a dark coat and a pair of ears that looked like a pampas fox.

Here are some more differences that scientists noticed while learning about the first Dog-Fox Hybrid DogXim-

The Animal Did not accept the normal Dog food but it was interested in small rats.

According to Matzenbacher, she climbed a bush easily just like Pampas Fox. After this incident, the veterinarian caring for the animal, Flavia Ferrari learned about it and told Professor Thales Renato Ochotorena de Freitas who is the genetics department at the Federal University of Pelotas (UFPEL).

How Scientists Reported about DogXim

First, the research team used special techniques to study the animal more closely. These techniques helped them figure out how many chromosomes, which are like tiny instruction books in cells, the animal had. They found that it had 76 chromosomes, which was an important clue in their investigation.

A scientist named Rafael Kretschmer explained that in the region where they found this animal, the only other species with 76 chromosomes is the Chrysocyon brachyurus, but this species looks very different from the dog-fox hybrid they named “dogxim.”

Normally, pampas foxes have 74 chromosomes, and domestic dogs have 78. When animals have babies, they pass on half of their chromosomes to their offspring. In the case of dogs, they give 39 chromosomes, while pampas foxes give 37.

So, when a dog and a pampas fox mate, their baby ends up with a total of 76 chromosomes—matching the number of chromosomes they found in the dog-fox hybrid they named “dogxim.”

DogXim Passes Away After 2 Years

The very first dog-fox mix found in Brazil in 2021 after a car accident, has passed away, according to Newsweek. This creature, which amazed both animal lovers and scientists, sadly died after being moved to another place for more care. The exact reason for her passing is still unknown.

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