Best Homemade Dental Treats for Dogs

Chewy Treats are important for your dogs too. Dogs love to chew all the time. It is not just their plaything but also it can help to stabilize their mental health, promote good sleep, promote gum health, etc. We can get many dental chews from the market but we can all imagine how bad they can be. Even products for humans are made very unhygienically. So, you can think about what can they do for the dogs. So, today I am going to give you some Best Homemade Dental Treats for Dogs that you can make yourself, and give to your dog. Also, making them at home can save you bucks.

Market products contain preservatives and chemicals to longer their shelf life. So, to avoid all these, we can go with homemade Dog Chews as Treats that are the freshest and chemical-free and it can also save a lot of money from those expensive market products. Well, if you are also concerned for your dog’s ultimate health and you look for their little happiness, Try these homemade Natural Dental Chews for dogs.

What are Dental Chew Treats

But first, what is a natural dental chew, and how it should be? Natural Dental chews are treats that are hard and chewy. Dogs love to chew and these treats for your pet are amazing because they not only act as chewy treats for dogs but also help in a lot of ways. As your dog loves to chew on everything, these tasty yet healthy homemade Dental Treats can save them from getting bored and yet provide nutrition, and health benefits, and promote their overall health.

Homemade Dental Treats can be anything but it should be hard and chewy.

Natural Chews for Dogs(Benefits)

Why do you need a natural dental chew for your loving dog? As we already have mentioned Artifical Dental chew products are kinda bad for our softpaws. Adding a natural dental chew to your pet’s diet will result in massaging the gum lines, brushing away plaque (A sticky substance that builds up on teeth in reaction with existing bacteria in the mouth, food, and saliva), and tartar and freshen up breath.

It also improves gingival indices. Regular use of dental chews keeps your pet’s teeth healthy and white as well as prevents serious health issues down the road which if not taken care of can lead to tartar progress and further PERIODONTAL DISEASE.

Apart from their health and nutritional concerns, a good chew time can also save you from boredom, help in mental simulation, calm down, and promote relaxation.

These reasons are crucial enough for you as a responsible pet parent not to take risks because you want to avoid possible health-related problems for your dog.

Have you heard that avoiding Market food items and giving your dog a total homemade food diet can save your dog from a lot of health issues during old age? Also, dogs that are fed homemade meals such as rice, veggies, chicken, eggs, Paneer, Curd, etc, have lived longer lives than other dogs. Read here about the World’s Longest Living dog just died

Best Homemade Dental Treats for Dogs

There are many fruits and treat recipes that are great for your dogs. This list of Homemade Dental Chews is not only fresh but also acts as perfect dental chews because they are hard and chewy. Our experts have listed some of the Best home-available treats below. Check these 5 homemade Natural Dental chews for your dogs.

5 Best Homemade Natural Chews for Dogs


Carrots as Best Homemade Dental Treats for Dogs

Carrots as Natural dental chews work excellently as we all know the nutritional value they provide such as vitamin A which helps in supporting vision, bone growth, skin health, cellular differentiation, and most importantly immune response in dogs.

Giving your pet a guilt and gluten-free tasty chew for teeth cleansing and fresher breath. It also helps shift unwanted plaque, remove tartar build-ups, and prevent gum diseases.

An average-sized dog can safely have 2-3 baby carrots a day but you shouldn’t overfeed your dog carrots spite of having good nutrition points they still contain calories and sugar to avoid unbalancing their diet as they can lead to health concerns like obesity and GI upset. Remember dogs with diabetes needs to consume fewer carrot as they do contain a good amount of sugar.

Dehydrated Chicken Feet

dried chicken for Homemade Dental Chews for Dogs

Chicken feet are good because they are protein-rich nutritional food and still chewy. It is not only good for joint pain but also improves dogs’ teeth and gum health, and simulates mental health. Most pet parents are well aware of the benefits that chicken feet provide to their dogs but do they know chicken feet are also a good option for natural chews for dogs?

Yes! You can give Dried Chicken feet as homemade dental chews for dogs. Chicken feet are high in collagen and protein that support skin, coat, and especially joint health in dogs. It also contains minerals, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, calcium, and copper. Which is beneficial when it comes to building good health and boosting the immune system. You can give your dog 1-3 chicken feet each day as a healthy snack to munch on while it works great to scrap away tartar buildup in your dog’s teeth and plaque thus promoting healthier gums and better breath.

Dogs can eat raw chicken feet but I always recommend giving them boiled or boiled and then dried. As a chew treat, dry chicken feet are the best. As they become hard and chewy texture it promotes their good mental health too. Keep in mind not to cook the chicken feet and look after the nails.

Use Sugarcane Stick as Homemade dog chews to clean teeth

Sugarcane Stick for dog chew treats

Raw Sugarcane sticks are best for Homemade dog chews to clean teeth. Chewing on sugarcane sticks is indeed a healthy and effective way to maintain a dog’s teeth hygiene. Its fibers cleanse the teeth in the best way possible. Also, sugarcane is a munchable treat that is loaded with minerals, calcium, and phosphorus which works best to strengthen the enamel of the teeth and protect it against tooth decay. The large amount of nutrients found in sugarcane helps to fight back bad breathe which may occur if your dog has some nutrition deficiency as sugarcane has traces of vitamin B1 (thiamine) and vitamin B2 (riboflavin) supporting digestion, helps to break down protein, carbohydrates, fat and rather turns them into energy.

In conclusion, sugarcane is considered to be healthy for dogs but experts do not recommend giving them every day. As it contains a fair amount of sugar which may lead to mild gastric and digestive problems.

Note that sugarcane is not recommended for dogs who are diagnosed with diabetes.

Dried Fish Skin as Homemade dog chews

Dried Fish Skin

Fishes are great for dogs. Also, Dried fish skin is a very healthy treat that can be given to your dogs. It’s an excellent source of protein for your pet dogs and proteins are essential nutrients in your dog’s meal. It also includes healthy fat along with Omega-3 fatty acids like EPA AND DHA which are best for your dog’s joint health.

All these nutrients content provide great health to your dog. Yes! Dried fish skin has a naturally abrasive texture which works like magic to help clean your dog’s teeth which therefore will increase your dog’s dental hygiene. The tough and ductile texture helps to remove tartar buildup resulting in healthy teeth and gums. It is a great option for Homemade dog chews for dogs.


Beetroot for dogs

Unlike hard treats available in the market which contains unwanted preservatives, crisp and hard fruits and vegetables like beetroot is surprisingly one the best option that works as natural chews for dogs. When it comes to healthy Homemade dental treats for dogs, beetroots, and carrots are good too. You may ask, is beetroot safe for my dog? Yes! It is, but always in moderation. You can give your dogs raw beetroots as well when it comes to cleaning your dog’s teeth, beets are safe for your dog but in moderation.

Beetroots are a great source of vitamin C, folate, fiber, manganese, and potassium. All these combined together are beneficial for your dog’s digestion and boost the immune system as well as provide a healthy skin coat. While chewing/munching on beetroot it will help chew away plaque and tartar buildup in your dog’s teeth leaving a fresh breath the entire day. Note that some dogs might be allergic to beetroot which can further lead to inflammation, this is why we recommend giving your dog beet as dental chews occasionally and make sure to take notes on how your dog reacts to the food.

Caution: As beetroot is acidic, giving them regularly may result in gastric problems.

Homemade Dog Chews Recipes

For some more options as Homemade dental treats for dogs, these recipes are great. You can try these 1 ingredient recipes to make perfect, healthy, and homemade dog chews on the go.

Chicken Jerky as Homemade chew sticks

Chicken Jerky is simply dried or dehydrated salted chicken breast. Instead of giving your dog factory-made chicken jerky, you can make it easily at home, and guess what, it can save your money too.

All you need is raw chicken breast. Take your chicken and cut it into medium-thin long pieces. Now half boil the chicken and dry it in direct sunlight or you can dehydrate them too. It will come out just like the market.

Sweet Potato Treats

Sweet Potatoes are also a good option for some quick vegan chew treats for dogs. To make sweet potato treats at home, just get your sweet potatoes and cut them into long or cube sizes. Add some salt and turmeric and dry it in direct sunlight. It should be ready in 2-3 days of sunlight.

Sweet potatoes are packed with Anti-oxidants but dogs should consume them in moderation. Just add a few pieces in their daily diet to maintain healthy eyes, muscles, bones, and more.

Beef Bone

Beef Bones are a good option for a good homemade chew stick. If your dog is big then a beef bone would be just the perfect treat they need. Beef bones are really hard and dogs won’t be able to break it. So, just giving them a bone after boiling it should do the job.

Dogs will eat the remaining meat and chew and play with it all the time. Just get rid of it when it gets dirty or unusable.

Pig Hooves for Dog Chews

Pig Hooves are great as Homemade dog chews and treats too. Pig hooves can be prepared in many ways but as a treat, it should be simple, dried, and half raw.

To prepare Pig hooves treats for dogs, get some from the market and cut them into half or 4 pieces. Now get all the pieces, wash them, and boil them nicely by adding salt and turmeric.

Now take them out and let them dry in the sun or directly dehydrate them. It should come out perfectly crispy and chewy at the same time.

Beef Ribs

My personal favorite is beef ribs. These are the most delicious bones of all, and these are not even so hard to chew on. Perfectly balanced with meat and bone, Beef ribs can be the perfect Natural Chew sticks to make at home. You can get dried beef ribs from the market at a high price. So, to make some-

Go to any butcher shop and get Beef ribs in bulk.

Cut them into 6-inch pieces and half-boil them by adding salt and turmeric. Turmeric will destroy all harmful bacteria.

Now take them out and dry them real nice. It may take some time but your dog will love these fresh homemade Beef ribs for sure.

Dehydrated Beef Tail

Beef tails can be a good option as natural chews for dogs. Another thing is that beef tail can be found very cheap compared to other beef parts.

Get some Beef tails from a butcher shop and prepare them just like mentioned before by boiling and dehydrating them. Half-boiling with salt and turmeric is necessary to kill harmful bacteria. So, do it before you dry them and make homemade Chew Treats for your dog.

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Final wordsDental chews are as necessary as other treats and food for your dogs. Market products are really harmful to our softies. But these Homemade dental treats help your dog to calm down their mental health and promote teeth health.

But giving your dogs only dental chews is not sufficient for healthy teeth and gum. As experts suggest dental chews should be given in conjunction with dog toothpaste in order to get the best results possible.

But surely you can go with these healthy homemade chews for dogs to make sure they’re 100% healthy gum and teeth.

We hope you liked this article. Explore more on Paw Facts & Guide.

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