6 Low Cost Homemade Dog Food Recipes for Street Dogs

The best Homemade Meal recipe for Street Dogs is here. If you are a concerned Indian citizen and want to provide a helping hand to stray dogs then let me tell you that, you do not need a lot of money to provide food to our lovely paws on the street. Today in this article, we will talk about five simple dog food recipes that are neither expensive nor time-consuming. Just very easy to make cheap yet the best healthy food for Indian street dogs.

We all love street dogs, don’t we? Thus the question often comes to our mind “What should we feed our street dogs?” What are the healthy options and recipes that we can make at home in the easiest way possible? We will get you all covered up in this article, Where we will be sharing some homemade Dog food recipes and tips to feed the Indian street dogs. You can also check This Street Dog Puppy feeding for guide for more information about Desi Dog feeding.

Before we start listing cheap yet best dog food recipes for Indian Street dogs, one must know that not all human food options are safe for your dog, For example – Lemon, chocolate, raisins, grapes, onion, garlic, alcoholic or soda beverages, and tomatoes are poisonous for your dog, do not feed your stray dogs these even in small quantities as they are toxic to dog’s digestive system and further lead to health complications.

However, Regardless of your stray dog’s age/breed, the listed easy-to-make, less expensive homemade Dog food recipes are best for Indian street dogs, and no doubt they will like these a lot-

6 Best Homemade Meal Recipes for Indian Street Dogs

We all know that street dogs are big, wild, free animals. They need nutritious food but not all of us are that rich to manage expensive food for them every day. So, to solve the problem, we have come up with this list of some best and cheapest dog food recipes to make at home. These homemade meals for desi dogs will not require a lot of money and yet your lovely friends will get a yummy belly full of food.

1. Boiled Chicken and Rice

low cost homemade dog food recipe
best street dog food recipes

Let’s start with the easiest and tastiest meal recipe for Desi dogs. This one is very easy to cook and you can feed it to the street dogs for the best nutrition they can have. It is filled with high omega-6 fatty acids and high protein but low in fat.

Buy chicken and get some white rice,

Boil and no need to add salt or any other spices.

You can add veggies like potatoes and carrots if you wish to make it more nutritious and you are good to go!

Lots of vets recommend feeding your dog boiled chicken and rice even in cases of diarrhea or constipation issues. You can further add the chicken broth into the rice for that extra hydration for your stray dogs, Make sure not to give hard bones to puppies who are yet to develop teeth.

Note that brown rice is difficult for your dog to digest so make this meal simple yet nutritional.

2. Mix Veg Khichdi for Desi Dog Food Recipes

Cheap but healthy dog food recipes for Street dogs
Mix Veg Khichdi for Desi Dog Food Recipes

You might want to know if there are some vegan diets that can be made with ingredients that are available in our home. Well, yes you can make a meal with no meat or paneer but only vegan ingredients that are commonly available in our homes.

To make a vegan meal, Simply get some rice, mixed veg, and dal or chana as a protein source.

Now add a little bit of salt and water to boil everything.

Dogs may not eat this in one go. You can add a little bit of Curd to it to make it interesting for dogs.

Hungry dogs will eat it eventually and it is healthy for them too.

3. Chappatis and Milk or Sajh

Easy to make Low cost Homemade desi dog food recipes
milk and roti for street dogs

Rotis are made in every house in India. So, giving roti to our Indian street dogs are one of the best options. Street dogs appear to enjoy Chappatis/roti without any such problem. And as roti is our daily food, Make sure chapatis are clean and not coated with ghee as humans usually eat, We can rather dip the chapati with milk or curd.

Yes, but the milk should be in a lesser amount and must be diluted with water. As some dogs may be lactose intolerant which can cause loose motion in street dogs. Note that chapatis contain zero to no calories so the dog won’t meet the nutritional value just from eating chapati on a daily basis.

Instead, if you have time and are ready to provide them a good nutrition, you may prepare rotis with quinoa or gluten-free food like millet. Which is very high in nutrition value and thus provides health to your street dogs.

PRO TIP– You can give them chapatis with curd too, which is a great easy-to-go homemade meal recipe for stray dogs.

Why chapatis with curd? Because chapati alone cannot fulfill the health requirements of your stray dog the curd along with it is rather filled with probiotics which are basically a type of live bacteria that can help your stray dog’s digestive system and further boost their immunity. Even the dogs that have been shown to be lactose intolerant can eat curd. So curd with chapati is a big yes for your stray pups.

4. Chicken Left Out parts with Mixed veg & and Rice

Chicken Left Out parts with Mixed veg & and Rice
cheap yet healthy dog food recipe for street dog

One of the affordable Homemade Meal recipes for Indian Street dogs you can make is this one. Yes, you can find chicken left-out parts in every butcher shop. They sell them at a very low price. So, get chicken parts like chicken feet, liver, skin, etc for a really affordable price, and then make a healthy sadha kichdi with it.

To make this Homemade meal recipe for Indian street dogs-

Get the chicken parts and bring it to a boil. Once it starts boiling, add vegetables like carrot, broccoli, cucumber, veet, etc.

After giving another 5 min boil, add a lot of rice to it.

Now just cover it and let it cook for 10 minutes and your khichdi is ready.

You can give these homemade meals to desi dogs just as it is.

You can make it even cheaper by buying a lot of chicken parts in bulk from the market.

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5. Fish and Rice for Affordable Dog Food Recipes option

Fish and Rice Best affordable street dog foods
fish parts for best affordable dog food recipe

Making a sada khichdi with Fish and rice is a good option too. I am not talking about the good fish that are expensive but you can get fish parts that are thrown away. Just boil them a little then add rice in it.

Whitefish offers the best of protein and vitamins like B6, B12, and niacin, They are a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids which help with skin health and strong joints. You can easily get access to fish parts that the market seller usually throws away. Get it for low to no cost.

Bring it home, clean it, and boil it with water without any additional oil or seasoning such as spices or salt. Make sure to get rid of any bones in the fish before feeding your stray dogs as you don’t wanna get them choked, add some steamed rice to it and Ta-da the healthy, easy, and low-cost meal is ready for your stray dog.

The rice is pretty easily digestible and contains carbohydrates which are ideal for your dog’s tummy. This Homemade meal for Indian street dogs is not only pocket-friendly but also provides health benefits like helping reduce inflammation in your dog’s digestive tract and soothe the sensitive stomach.

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6. Boiled Eggs and Rice

Boiled Eggs and Rice
homemade desi dog food recipe under low price

Boiled eggs and rice mix is another great option as a homemade meal for Indian street dogs. Eggs are easily available in our kitchen. You can feed them boiled eggs with rice too. Just don’t add any additives. Giving them boiled eggs with rice is a useful dietary supplement. Eggs are a rich source of protein and contain many essential fatty acids including amino acids which makes it a yummy yet healthy meal perfect for street dogs, it is also said to help settle your dog’s upset stomach.

As one single boiled egg won’t suffice the hunger in the street dogs and simply giving them bland plain rice. Providing a boiled egg and mixing or scrambling it with the rice is a great idea to help your street dog fill their stomach as well as get protein fill for the day.

Incase, you are looking for adopting a Indian Pariah then here is a lot of information about Indian Pariah and Here are some Indian Street Dog Names may come handy.

PRO TIP– milk must be avoided for adult dogs as they can get lactose intolerant as they grow old but a small amount of milk diluted with water won’t do any harm to our street dogs as they don’t get a lot of nutritious food.

NO PARLE-G – Most people in India consider feeding their street dogs Parle-G biscuits and this is their first choice as it is relatively convenient and pocket-friendly, but as per the ingredients in PARLE-G biscuit it contains high amounts of sugar. Any amount of sugar, butter, cream filled, and especially chocolate biscuits should be strictly avoided as these can cause health issues and even death in dogs. You can prefer feeding your street dogs biscuits which are digestive and have less sugar and high fiber such as MARIE GOLD Or sugar-free digestive biscuits which are easily available in the market.

Final Words: So, these are some affordable foods for Indian street dogs you can try making at home. A homemade meal for street dogs can be simple and easy. Just add healthy vegies, a little bit of protein and then add rice or rotis. And just like that, you will be able to make healthy meals for Indian street dogs. So, good luck!

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