Indian Spitz Grooming Guide and Tips

Indian Spitz Grooming Guide: Who wouldn’t like a well-groomed dog? Dogs love to play around and thus get all the dirt on themselves. So it goes without saying that an Indian Spitz needs a proper and regular grooming sessions. Indian Spitz dogs are furry dogs, they have thick and long coats. If we do not take care of their grooming needs, they may face many health issues. If you have an Indian Spitz get ready because today we will guide you with our best Indian Spitz Grooming Tips. In this How to Groom an Indian Spitz tutorial, you will learn a quick and easy way to clean your dog and make sure no task is left during grooming.

Grooming Indian Spitz regularly is one of the most important things to do. They are small dog breeds known for their soft nature and they are prone to many health issues.

When my Indian Spitz was a puppy, she faced many skin problems but do not worry, they all disappeared as i really worked hard on her skin problems with my homemade remedy. Check here How to Treat Dog Flea Bites at Home.

Why Grooming is Important

Regular grooming is necessary if you want to see your dog healthy and enjoying its life. Also, If you want to play with your dog comfortably without a lot of hair and, getting bad smell, getting scratches, etc. Then grooming your dog timely is a must. Even the guest will be excited to see your Dog’s soft, shiny and smell free coat.

Cleaning your dog depends upon how dirty they get on a daily basis. If they are mostly clean and not smelling bad you can postpone the bath. Just a regular brushing for removing the extra dirt and wiping their body with semi wet cloth.

So, lets get started with Indian Spitz Grooming Tips and Guide from our expert, you will notice better health of your dog in no time by following all these tips regularly.

Basic understanding of your Indian Spitz coat

Indian Spitz dogs usually have straight hairs which makes it easier for the shampoo residues to wash off and also doesn’t get tangled up easily. But it always depends on how unique your Indian Spitz is! Although the most common problem with an Indian Spitz dog is “Shedding”. They all have thick and dense coats and especially during winters, you don’t want their fur all over the furniture or your bed, thus regular grooming is quite necessary and common for all Indian Spitz dog.

Indian Spitz Grooming Guide for Beginners

Indian Spitz Grooming tips for Beginners

Really, grooming your Indian Spitz Dog regularly will give you a fresh, and shiny-looking dog and it will surely make you proud and excite you to play with your dog even more. As a result, everyone from your family will engage with your dog which is a good thing ofcourse.

In this Indian Spitz Grooming guide, we are listing the tasks below-

  • Brushing/De-Shedding
  • Bathing
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Trimming
  • Nail Care
  • Eye Care


how to brush an Indian spitz dog

Brushing your Indian Spitz dog is an important part of their grooming routine. Regular brushing helps to remove loose hair, prevents matting, and keeps their coat clean and healthy. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to brush your Indian Spitz dog:

  1. Gather the Right Tools:

Slicker Brush: This type of brush has fine, short wires close together and is excellent for removing tangles and mats.

Comb: A metal comb with both wide and narrow teeth can help in detangling and removing loose hair.

  1. Prepare Your Dog:

There are some dogs who really don’t allow their owner to brush their coat. They get irritated and show anger during the process because they feel a little pain while combing their thick coat. But my dog doesn’t even move because I carefully made it a habit from its puppy stage.

So, start young and be very gentle and show them love while brushing their coat. Say sweet words, give toys, say sorry, pet them often, and try to brush the whole body nicely but quickly.

How often should you brush your Indian Spitz Dog? Well, this depends on you. If you can brush your dog every day, then it’s good. But you can simply do the task twice a week.


how to bathe an Indian Spitz

Bathing is one of the most needed task for Indian Spitz Grooming. Bathing can be done twice a week too. An Indian Spitz will become smelly over time. It’s not necessarily bad. As human becomes smelly because of their sweat and body chemicals, dogs become smelly too. Thus, they need a bath every once in a while. It totally depends on you. Simply feel their coat and watch them closely if they need a bath or not.

Another quick tip for bathing is giving them a coconut oil chumpy at least 2 hours before bathing. I usually give my dog a nice deep chumpy the night before her bathing day. I make sure every drop is going to her skin and then I massage her whole body for at least one hour and you won’t believe how shiny and healthy her fur looks.

Prepare your Dog

I have seen many dogs show anger when their owner takes them for a bath. My dog never shows any anger or resistance but she goes to her tub all by herself and sits in the water. How?

Do you feel that if something is fun then everyone wants to do it. So, you just have to make the bathing session fun and enjoying. While my Minnie was a puppy, I used to let her sit on her tub and give her squeaky toys, let her drink some water, teach her how to play and splash water, and all that. I totally taught her how fun bathing can be.

So, do the same with your dog too, it will be very helpful in the future.

Choose the right Shampoo

Consider picking up the right and suitable shampoo for your Indian Spitz dog as per their needs. Each dog has a different and unique coat thus you have to choose the shampoo which suits their type of coat.

As per coat health concern, most Indian Spitz parents are commonly recommended to use

  • Ayurvedic Shampoo

Normally an Indian Spitz Dog needs anti-dandruff+Moisturizing Shampoo as a regular use. But in Special cases, you can use de-shading shampoo too. If you notice that your dog is getting ticks or rashes then do not use Tick Flea shampoo. Instead, read this Post to permanently get rid of Ticks/fleas without any chemicals or medicine.

HOW Frequently should you bathe your Indian Spitz?

You should never overdo bathing especially if your dog is a small breed like Indian Spitz Dogs. Only 2-3 times bathing in a week should be enough. Unless Your dog is going through certain skin treatments which will be guided by your vet, Bathing totally depends on you. Just take a good look and see if your dog needs a bath or not.

How to Bathe Your Indian Spitz

Brushing your Indian Spitz before you give them a bath is very important as it helps remove excess fur that prevents the shampoo from penetrating deep within the skin. Also, as I mentioned earlier, a good oil massage it the best thing to do before bathing.

Apply a thick layer of shampoo and lather it with your fingers to help the shampoo get through the thick fur of your Indian Spitz dog or you can always go for a rubber brush available in the market as a pet groomer. Don’t forget the paw area as dirt gets really into there, use any hand scrubber to take off the dirt. Most people forget about their stomach armpits and tail which should be equally cleaned.

Keep the shampoo for 5-7 minutes. Don’t do too much delay because Indian Spitz experiences cold too quickly. Also, Do not rush and get shampoo on your dog’s face as the ingredients in the shampoo can really harm their eyes. Instead, you can use a damped clean towel and wipe their face gently and get that tear stain cleaned still you have to make sure not to hurt the eye area.

Now rinse the body and you gotta rinse well, so there’s is no shampoo is left on the fur, you want to scrub them thoroughly and give them a good rinse.

Also, do not leave them wet. Always make sure that your dog is completely dry. Otherwise, it can cause irritation and lead to rashes and skin infections over time. Use a drier if necessary.

You can also use a nice comb and towel too. Just brush the wet fur and clean it with a towel. Repeat the process until your dog gets completely dry.

Brushing to the direction of their hair growth, gently go through their fur but never put much pressure or do it faster it will not only hurt them but also will take off healthy rooted hair. Instead apply firm strokes to get all the dirt and dead hair removed, after that you can go for shedding brushes which are great to help your Indian Spitz dog reduce unnecessary shedding and prevent mats.

Here is one of our favorite products to go for when it comes to brushing a dog-

Cleaning the Ear

All dogs are mostly prone to eat infections, especially Indian Spitz dogs. So if you have an Indian Spitz you would wanna make sure their ears are properly cleaned. You can always go for a good ear cleanser such as VIRBAC EPIOTIC EAR CLEANSER for dogs and cats this helps you to clean the wax and excess moisture. Remember this product is specifically for non-infected ears and help clean and remove debris from the ear canal which can be used 1-3 times a week with a cotton ball to wipe off the debris and dirt visible.

Another tip is to watch YouTube video or learn from a vet before you perform the task. Ear cleaning may look easy but beginners must avoid accidents.

Trimming the Nails

As our nails grow and we trim them, it is necessary for your Indian Spitz to get their nails trimmed whenever you see their nails have grown longer than usual, you have to pick any nail trimmer designed for dogs available in the market, cut their nails to their normal size. If at any point you feel like your dog might get hurt, or you don’t have much experience. You can look out for professional groomers or your local vet for further instructions.

How to Trim Nails?

First of all i suggest to watch some YouTube videos and make sure if you are confident or not.

To trim a nail with a trimmer, first make sure that you are not cutting a big chuck. Just try to cut a half millimeter of the nail and repeat the process until you see a white muscle in the nail. Stop trimming as soon as you see the nail has a white part in the middle.

The white part is a vein. It may bleed and cause pain if you cut it. So, It is always a best choice to buy a Nail Grinder which is much better choice.

Eye Care

It is the most simplest and important part of grooming your Indian Spitz dog daily with just a wet soft wipe and gently clean the eye area making sure you don’t touch the eyeball. Indian Spitz are usually white so they develop tearstains every now and then in such cases you gonna want to give your white Indian Spitz a daily wipe!

Also, you can buy eye drops. It will cost you roughly 50 rupees. Apply the eye drops everytime after bathing your dog.

Here’s our personal favourite wet wipes-

Indian Spitz Grooming Mistakes to Avoid

In this Indian Spitz Grooming guide, one thing we will never recommend is to shave your dog. The most frequent pet grooming mistake when it comes to Indian Spitz dog is shaving their hair during the summer. As a loving pet parent you might get impulsive thought to shave the hairs of your pet for them to cool down.

But unfortunately shaving at any season is not necessary for cooling. It can actually lead toore harm. The thick coat helps them to regulate their body temperature effectively in all weather be it got or cold. You can certainly remove excess hair or dead hair by de-shedding with a brush but never shave or trim their hair. Remember, especially an Indian spitz experiences too much cold compared to other dogs. So, shaving is never an option here.

Another Indian Spitz Grooming mistake is washing your dog’s ears with water or other liquid containing shampoo, your dog’s ear do not need any water in fact you must avoid your dog’s ear to get in contact with water. The remaining moisture because of the water will help build up bacteria which often leads to ear infections.

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Q: How often should I groom my Indian Spitz?

A: Not too often. Indian Spitz Grooming includes quite a few task and all of them are not necessary to do every now and then. However bathing your dog every week and brushing their coat once in every 2 days is a good habit.

Q: What type of brush is best for Indian Spitz dogs?

A: Use a slicker brush with fine, short wires to remove tangles and mats effectively from your Indian Spitz’s coat.

Q: How do I prevent matting in my Indian Spitz’s fur?

A: Regular brushing and using a slicker brush help prevent matting by removing loose hair and tangles from your Indian Spitz’s coat.

Q: Can I trim my Indian Spitz’s fur at home?

A: Yes, you can trim your Indian Spitz’s fur at home, especially around sensitive areas like ears and paws. Use a good scissor and be very cautious to avoid accidents.

Q: How should I handle nail trimming for my Indian Spitz?

A: Trim your Indian Spitz’s nails carefully, and slowly. If you are not sure, seek guidance from a veterinarian or professional groomer. You can also use nail grinder found on Flipkart. We have added a detailed information in the Indian Spitz Grooming Tips section above.

Q: What should I do if my Indian Spitz is afraid of grooming?

A: The first thing to counter this problem is to make it a habit from its puppy days. Be patient and use positive reinforcement. Introduce grooming gradually, reward good behavior with treats, and create a calm grooming environment. Also never get angry or threaten your dog for not co-operating. It will worsen the situation.

Q: Can I use human shampoo on my Indian Spitz?

A: No, always use a mild dog shampoo specifically formulated for dogs. Human shampoo can be too harsh for a dog’s skin and coat.

Q: Are there specific areas I should pay extra attention to while grooming my Indian Spitz?

A: Pay extra attention to the undercoat, ears, and paws. Regularly check for tangles, mats, and signs of irritation in these areas. Also, you will notice black dead cells around their private parts. Use a wet cloth and clean the area regularly. Otherwise, your dog will lick the are to clean it which is not so good for family.

We have added guide for cleaning all these body parts in this Indian Spitz Grooming guide. It has all the necessary information you need for Indian Spitz Dog Grooming.

Final Words: I hope you will find some help from our Indian Spitz Grooming guide and tips. Our experts have shared their best experience in this article and I as a pet owner, shared my best Indian Spitz Grooming tips in this blog.

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