Indian Spitz Excessive Barking: How to Stop?

If you own an Indian Spitz dog or planning to get one then you should know that Indian Spitz dogs bark a lot. They are basically alert dogs and will bark in every bit of discomfort they feel around them because Indian Spitz are excessive barkers and it is a fact. So, do you ever tried to sush them or tell them not to bark and yell at them? Today in this post, we will talk about this Indian Spitz Excessive Barking problem and How to stop an Indian Spitz dog from barking excessively.

If you are always trying to sush your Indian Spitz Dog or scold them or hold their mouth tightly to make them stop barking then that’s just wasting of time. Let me tell you, with less effort, you can teach them how to react when to bark, and when not to bark at anyone. So, explore our expert tips for Indian Spitz Excessive Barking Training.

Of course, A well-behaved dog is loved by all. The Indian Spitz is a popular breed of dog in India and originated in India. Known for their jolly and lively nature, Indian Spitz is a great choice to create some love around your house, however, sometimes, their barking can be disturbing. So, follow this guide about How to train Indian Spitz for Excessive barking.

Just like other dogs they need to be properly trained to become well-mannered adult dogs. And here is how you can do it.

Training your dog can be rewarding. It will not only make them well-behaved adult Indian Spitz but also strengthen the bond between the owner and the dog.

Excessive Barking is Disturbing

Indian Spitz always tends to bark whenever they sense a bit of change around their environment but such excessive barking can be disturbing for the pet parents living in the apartments.

Also, a dog who jumps on strangers or guests, and pulls every piece of clothes around them or their leashes causes such embarrassment to the pet parents, isn’t it? This kind of misbehaving will often lead to the complaint credited to their pet parents for not training their dog properly. So to find a solution to the problem we must find the root cause of an Indian Spitz Excessive barking.

Yes, why do they actually bark all the time, why does Indian Spitz Bark a lot?

WHY does Indian Spitz BARK a lot?

Indian Spitz Barks a lot, yes that is true. First and foremost, it is normal for dogs to bark as it is the only way for them to communicate with humans because they cannot speak and express their feelings to us. But excessive barking can be a sign of many things and it can be positive or negative.

For the Indian Spitz Dogs or any other small dog breeds, it is normal to bark in every situation because they know that they are small and are unable to attack or defend from a big object. So, instead of getting prepared by themselves, they tend to alert their owner/master to prepare for what’s coming.

It is a defending response that all Spitz dogs show towards the unknown. Training Indian Spitz for Barking is possible though. And with a little extra attention, you can stop your Indian Spitz from Barking a lot.

Some other reasons for Indian Spitz Excessive barking-

•aging of the dog




•getting attention

These are the few primary reasons behind a dog’s EXCESSIVE barking stated by Dr B Reddy veterinary officer, Wiggles.

It is always recommended to get your Indian Spitz checked by the vet as barking can be an alarming sign for health-related problems.

However, taking training from experts is the most relevant way to solve this problem but we got you covered too. Just follow this guide to stop Indian Spitz Excessive Barking problem.

TRAINING FOR Indian Spitz Excessive Barking

Indian Spitz Barking training isn’t that hard to do. But it becomes very easy to control Indian Spitz Barking if you train them at their early age. Dogs are easy to train while they are just puppies. So, follow these steps and teach your Indian Spitz not to bark every now and then.

Training your Indian Spitz for barking excessively also includes teaching them your command. They will follow your command and stop barking whenever you tell them to.

Step 1- Teach and Let them Learn

First of all, it is the duty of every pet parent to introduce them to every corner of the house. Also, letting them play around and learning about the house is crucial.

Make sure your puppy is well settled in your house or apartment, discomfort can be the primary reason to get agitated and cause your Indian Spitz barking a lot.

Step 2- Communication!

Does your puppy often bark at the doorbell? instead, teach them at an early stage to get a soft toy and greet the visitors in your house.

You can also show them treats but showing them treats is not just enough. Show your lovely pet what is going on and what to do when a stranger comes in. Introducing them with visitors every now and then will teach them that they are living in a safe environment and it is not necessary to bark all the time.

Also, Show them their favorite treat as soon as they start barking. If your dog stops barking after seeing the treat then give them the treat as a reward.

Step 3- Positive Interrupt

Most of the pet parents usually use the word “Sush” whenever their Indian Spitz barks a lot. This type of behavior training might not always work as the puppy might misinterpret the word “sush” and think that you are also barking.

Instead, you should use positive reinforcement techniques – fill a bowl with treats and politely command “quiet” (or whatever “quiet” is in your own language you may use it) whenever your puppy listens to your command give him a treat, repeat this technique for 10-12 times and 3-4days to teach them the association of the word “Quiet” with delicious rewarding treats.

Step 4- Reverse!

Encourage your puppy to bark as you know the things that make them bark and stimulate them to bark, as they instantly start to bark say “Quiet” and sprinkle treats on the floor when your puppy is quiet.

This 3-4 method should be used with understanding. Every Pup is different. You should learn their behavior and how they respond to your command. You can use these Indian Spitz Excessive barking Training alternatively for a few weeks and it should stop your Indian Spitz from Barking a lot.

Pro tip– It is very important to treat your puppy with something that he likes at the end of every training session. Just like- walking down the street or having a fun time playing.

Otherwise, they may not obey your commands and keep on barking for more treats.

Let’s now discuss how to stop your Indian Spitz dog from barking excessively-

How to Stop an Indian Spitz from Barking Excessively

How to Stop an Indian Spitz excessive barking problem
How to Stop Indian Spitz Excessive Barking Problem

Early training works the best. We have mentioned some of the best Indian Spitz Excessive Barking training to stop your Puppy from barking a lot.

Also, these tricks can be used to divert their attention and stop an Indian Spitz from barking as a quick response-

Diverting their attention towards another thing can stop their barking immediately. Divert their attention to some objects such as a toy or make them sniff the floor or bring out something tasty. Doing anything that your dog finds interesting to divert their mind from barking is an effective way used by many pet parents overall.

Always prioritize giving them basic training at a young age with learning commands like sit and down. It will simply make a habit to listen to their masters. This will help you command “stop” dog whenever your Indian Spitz Barks a lot.

Do not ignore and encourage your Indian Spitz dog if he is barking as he can get used to it in the future thus it will become difficult for you as a pet parent to manage this behavior.

Prioritize exercise at least once a day to keep them active as it burns energy so they will not get a sudden burst of energy and start to bark whenever excited.

Keep an engaging or their favorite toy for SOS. It can be a great way to get their attention diverted and stop their barking immediately right there.

Showing and hitting on them will not work as we should understand their needs, temperaments, and triggers and must manage and regulate their emotions.

Find out what can be the possible triggers for your Indian Spitz dog in your house that trigger your dog to bark. Remove any such suspected object from the room or keep it hidden.

Use positive reinforcement techniques such as if they bark and you command them to stop and they stop barking give them a snackable treat, this is a positive reinforcement that will help the behavior of listening to commands improve.

What Not to Do, When your Indian Spitz Barks a Lot

Indian spitz barks a lot what to do

List of things to avoid if your Indian Spitz overly barks

Do not get angry and yell at your dog because it won’t help but instead will stimulate your dog to bark even more or even they can get scared by your behavior. And believe it or not, it will affect negatively in the long run.

Do not let your dog bark continuously, as it can cause irritation to the neighbors and you will welcome an invitation to your local police.

Never hit your dog, being a pet parent it is a very unkind and painful manner to train them and may also lead to unnecessary aggression which in the future can be uncontrollable.

Final Notes: Indian Spitz barking excessively is a very common problem that lots of pet parents face. Luckily we have got you covered in this article as we listed plenty of solutions that will help you manage the Indian Spitz Excessive barking problem issues.

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