Best Shampoo for Small Dog Breeds

best shampoo for small dogs

Best Shampoo for Small Dog Breeds: Do you have a fun time giving your dog a bath? But you are confused about which shampoo will work best for your pet? Come let’s dig in together to find out. As a loving pet parent, you do your best to ensure the good health of your puppy … Read more

DIY Neem Oil for Dogs: How to Make and Apply

Applying neem oil on your dog’s skin and fur is one of the best things you can do to keep it all healthy and safe. We understand that you as a pet parent always want to make sure that your pet dog stays healthy and happy. This is why today we have decided to share … Read more

Chihuahua Care Guide and Tips for Beginners

Chihuahua care guide and tips for beginners

Chihuahua Care Guide and Tips: Are you interested in bringing a little Chihuahua home? Then you’re in the right place to know all about adopting a Chihuahua. This Toy Breed dog has some really fascinating and unique characteristics, and this is why we are here. This Chihuahua Adoption guide and tips will give an overall … Read more

How to Bathe a Pomeranian Puppy for the First Time

First time bathing a Pomeranian Puppy? These toy breed dogs are high in maintenance and often gets various health issues if not handled carefully. In this Pomeranian Puppy Bathing Guide, we will share detailed guide for How to Bathe a Pomeranian Puppy for the first time as a Beginner. Pomeranians are adorable little lap dogs … Read more

Intas Pomisol Ear Drops Details, and Uses

Looking for Information about Intas Pomisol Ear drops? Well, it is an ear drop medicine generally used for ear infections in dogs. Today in this post we will share Intas Pomisol Ear Drops Details. Intas Pomisol ear drops are widely used pet medication for the treatment of Otitis externa. So now what is Otitis externa? … Read more

Kiskin Ointment for Dogs All Details and Information

Kiskin Ointment for Dogs All Details is here. This Medicine is something that every dog parent should have for handy use. From normal itching marks to Big Fungal infection, Kiskin Lotion or Ointment can save the day. Just like we use antiseptic creams for everything cuts or infection, Kiskin Ointment or Kiskin Cream does the … Read more

How to Treat a Dog Wound with Maggots

how to treat an open wound with maggots in dogs

Treating a Dog wound, especially with dirty maggots is not an easy task. Mostly street dogs would catch maggots to their open wound due to being left untreated and handling such conditions is not child’s play. Still, if you are brave and you have hope you can manage to treat a dog wound with maggots. … Read more

6 Types of Tick-Borne Disease and Its Symptoms

Tick Borne Disease all information

Tick-Borne Diseases are dangerous situations that every pet parent should be aware of. This is a type of disease can spread from infected ticks living on your dog’s body. We all know that almost every dog has ticks and these ticks can cause harmful diseases to humans. Tick-Borne Diseases can be of many types. So, … Read more

5 Best Tricks to Remove Ticks for Dogs

remove ticks with this best tips and tricks for dogs

These 5 Best Tricks to Remove Ticks for Dogs can save you from any tick and flea problems in Future. Know more- Have you ever had to remove ticks from your dog? Although enlarged ticks can be picked up easily but what about the tiny ticks that are hard to see from your very eyes? … Read more

How to Treat Dog Flea Bites at Home without Medicine

how to treat dog flea bite infection without medicine

Dog Flea Bite is one of the most common problems in dogs. Almost every dog gets Fleas at least once in their lifetime. If not taken care of this problem, can ruin the Peace and comfort of your dog. Fleas can cause itching, scratching, red spots, red-turned-black spots, and even sometimes hotspots which are more … Read more