Intas Pomisol Ear Drops Details, and Uses

Looking for Information about Intas Pomisol Ear drops? Well, it is an ear drop medicine generally used for ear infections in dogs. Today in this post we will share Intas Pomisol Ear Drops Details.

Intas Pomisol ear drops are widely used pet medication for the treatment of Otitis externa. So now what is Otitis externa?

Intas Pomisol Ear drops for Otitis Externa-

Otitis externa, It is a very common disorder that infects the external ear canal (Tubular portion of the outer ear that carries in sound to the eardrum). This is a very common condition that occurs now and then. A layer of cells that lines the external ear canal becomes inflamed causing Otitis externa disorder.

Intas Pomisol Ear Drops Details

Intas Pomisol Ear Drops Details

If you have seen a pooch, abnormally shaking its head, and scratching on its ears along with odor problems and discharge. All these can be a sign of otitis externa. This condition may be extremely painful or itchy depending on the duration of your pooch being infected. In this condition topical therapy is the mainstay treatment. Your vet will diagnose the infection and prescribe you antimicrobial therapy such as Pomisol ear drops. In this case, Pomisol ear drops are very popular. It contains strong antimicrobial properties which can provide dogs much-needed relief. Pomisol ear drops contain correct amount of agents to fight off bacteria or yeast infections in your pet’s ear .

How to Use-

How to Use Intas Pomisol Ear Drops

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  • Ofloxacin 0.3% This is one of the most common antibiotics for your dog’s ear infection. This otic solution will cure the infection within weeks of proper usage.
  • Clotrimazole 1% It works best for the treatment of yeast infection in the ears. Clotrimazole is a well-known antifungal medicine commonly used for such cases.
  • Betamethasone disproportionate 0.25% Clotrimazole and Betamethasone work best together to treat fungal infections. While Clotrimazole works by killing the bacteria and Betamethasone is a corticosteroid that helps in relieving redness swelling or other discomfort caused by the infection in the ear.
  • Lignocaine hydrochloride 2% in every 1ml of the drug belongs to the class of local anesthesia which works by blocking the pain signals from the nerves to the brain.

Pomisol ear drops don’t only contain anti-fungal or antibiotic agents but also have an anesthetic agent which helps relieve the pain instantly along with proper healing of the infected ear. It absorbs excess moisture from the ear canal and manages pain and discomfort in the ear canal.

Precautions –

Topical pomisol ear drops are meant to be used for otic purposes only.

Although overdose in case of otic usage is unlikely to happen but if in case of accidents seek veterinary care immediately.

In case of any adverse effect discontinue the usage.

Administer only 8-10 drops in each ear for effective results.

Or as your veterinarian suggests.

Final Words: Intas Pomisol Ear Drops are quite famous for handy use. If you are someone who always looks for seek dogs in the street or you just want to keep things ready for your pet then for any kind of first-stage ear infection, Intas Pomisol Ear Drops are a good option.

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