Kiskin Ointment for Dogs All Details and Information

Kiskin Ointment for Dogs All Details is here. This Medicine is something that every dog parent should have for handy use. From normal itching marks to Big Fungal infection, Kiskin Lotion or Ointment can save the day. Just like we use antiseptic creams for everything cuts or infection, Kiskin Ointment or Kiskin Cream does the same for dogs. If you do not know much about this medicine then read this post where we are going to share all the information and Kiskin Ointment Details.

Say Buy To Itches With Kiskin Ointment for Dogs

Say bye to itchy pets. Kiskin Ointment for dogs is a famous lotion or ointment that is used to cure itchy skin, fungal disease, bacteria infection, and other itchy conditions such as flea bite infection, dandruff infection etc. Kiskin lotion is very well known to dog parents as the medicine is a very good option for vast conditions of skin problems. So, if you have faced any kind of skin infection or itchy skin condition of your dog then Kiskin Ointment for dogs might be a good idea and today in this post, we are going to share everything you should know about Kiskin Ointment for dogs.

Kiskin Ointment for Dogs All Details and Information

Kiskin Ointment Details

Kiskin lotion is widely used for its antifungal properties. Composed of Clobetasol Propionate, Ofloxacin, miconazole, nitrate, and zinc sulphate solution. All these work great for killing sensitive fungi. It has an antifungal agent that is best known for treating certain fungal and yeast skin infections it is designed to penetrate deep into the skin of your pet. Leaving the skin moisturized and soft.

There are several infections your pet might catch while playing outdoors. Such as superficial bacterial folliculitis is an infection that causes sores, red bumps, and scabs (scabicides) on the skin which is painful and itchy at the same time. These kinds of skin abnormalities on the skin may lead your pet to constant scratching or licking onto their skin.

One of the well-known problems that every pet parent always once suffered from is Yeast infection. Yeast infection will strike at cozy areas such as the ears or paws of your pet. You may notice ugly rashes on the spot. Fortunately, yeast infection is relatively easy to diagnose and often responds well enough to topical lotion. In these types of cases, you may use Kiskin lotion which works wonders by weakening the fungal cell membrane.

How to use Kiskin Ointment for dogs

How to Use Kiskin Lotion or Ointment

First of all identify the Infected area.

Then clean the spot with warm water. If the spot is big and too series, you can trim Hair a little.

Now take a small amount of Kiskin Ointment for dogs.

Apply it on the Infected place or where your dog is itching so much.

Apply slowly smoothly with fingers and you do not need to massage it. Just make sure the ointment is nicely covering the whole place.


Your vet may prescribe the usage of Kiskin lotion as per your pet’s severity of infection. Kiskin lotion comes in two different types. One is in the form of lotion and the other one is in cream, ointment form which makes it easy to apply without any hassle.

Skin inflammation or rashes are common complaints among most pet parents, such cases nowadays can be easily solved with the help of Kiskin lotion which contains a combination of topical steroids. Clobetasol is a steroid agent in Kiskin lotion which works best for inflamed skin. Ofloxacin which is a broad-spectrum antibiotic. It is one of the well-known active which is helpful for both gram-positive or gram-negative bacterium.

Miconazole is an azole antifungal that helps prevent the growth of fungus.

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Why Kiskin Ointment for Dogs is a Good Option

Kiskin Ointment Details and Information

Clobetasol Propionate which belongs to a group of medications called topical corticosteroids helps in reducing redness, swelling, and rashes caused by several infections on the skin. Zinc helps or prevents skin rashes irritation and speeds up the healing process of the skin condition.


Overdosing on topical lotion in terms of self-medication may lead to serious side effects. Or in case of accidental indigestion of topical solution contact your local vet immediately. Always consult your vet in case your pet is lactating or pregnant before using Kiskin lotion on them.

Always follow the recommended dosage by your vet.

FAQ: Kiskin Ointment Information

Where can i get Kiskin Ointment for dogs?

You can get any Kiskin Ointment, Cream or Lotion from any Dog Medicine store. Or you can buy Kiskin Ointment online for here.

How to Use Kiskin Lotion on Dogs?

Simply take a small amount of the medicine and apply slowly and smoothly on the infected place.(where your dog is itching or getting red spots due to past itching.)

How to Often you should use Kiskin Ointment on Dogs?

This is vet advisory thing but You can use once in a day or twich is not bad. I would recomend you too apply the medicine before your dog goes to bed. This way, it will stay longer time on your dogs body to work on the infected place.

Final Words: Kiskin Ointment or Kiskin Lotion is a itching cream for fungal infections in Dog. You can use it normally or use it under vets care. It is a good medicine for quick relief from itching or infections in Dogs.

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