Indian Spitz Monthly Expenses and Their Needs

Indian Spitz Monthly Expenses aren’t that high. Adoption and caretaking of an Indian Spitz will cost you less compared to other big dog breeds. A minimum of 1500-2500 rupees is just enough for their Monthly food care but it also depends on your location, weight, and size of the dog. So, are you planning to adopt an Indian Spitz dog but wondering about their monthly expenses? Then lets learn about Daily, Monthly and Yearly expenses of an Indian Spitz.

Indian Spitz is great for family dogs. They are small to medium-sized dogs that take less food, and less care. Like other popular dogs, this dog breed doesn’t require a lot of money for their monthly food and other needs. Today in this post, we will dive into this topic and explore the basic to extra needs of an Indian Spitz and the money we need to handle their expenses. So, let’s find out how much money I need to keep an Indian Spitz at our home.

You have probably come across Indian Spitz dogs while scrolling down the news feed or seen them on TV shows or probably your neighbor has one. They are well known for their furry fox-like look and friendly nature. Indian Spitz Price is not very high, in fact, these dogs are the least expensive among all. You may read our other blogs to learn about Indian Spitz dogs. So let’s now dig into our Indian Spitz Monthly Expenses and their basic needs.

Indian Spitz Monthly Expenses and Their Needs

Indian Spitz Monthly Expenses and Their Needs

Before you buy or adopt an Indian Spitz dog, it is important to be aware of their overall monthly, and daily expenses, so that you can provide just enough food and other needs to your lovely pet. In this below guide, I am going to share my personal experience with Indian Spitz Monthly Expenses and their basic to advanced needs. We will also discuss their Monthly food cost, grooming costs, and what other things you need to have before you adopt an Indian Spitz.

let’s have a look into areas of concern that cover the monthly cost of keeping an Indian Spitz dog as a pet.

Diet / Nutritional value of Indian Spitz

Just as we humans take care of our diet, an Indian Spitz or any dog needs to have a balanced diet as well. The diet that you provide to your Indian Spitz dog will help in the overall development of your dog’s health in the future.

Dog experts recommend choosing the best and highest-quality food for Indian Spitz dogs. But we can always go for homemade food such as curd-rice (dahi-chawal), roti, boiled eggs, chicken, and chicken broth for that extra hydration.

Indian Spitz Food Expenses (Monthly)

Indian Spitz Food Expenses (Monthly)

As I myself an Indian Spitz dog parent, I give pedigree Puppy Pro to my dog. It is important to give them the Pro version in their puppy stage. So, a 10 kg packet of Pedigree Puppy Pro can go up to 2.5-3 months and it will cost you 3,250-3,500. So, you will need 1200 rupees as your Indian Spitz Food Expenses per month or 3500 for 3 months.

You can give a homemade diet which is highly recommended from 10-12 months of age. So, to provide them a regular homemade food you will need roughly 700-800 rupees. You can give them rice and vegetables as their base food and Chicken and paneer, as their protein need. You can also give dal(lentils) for the protein.

So, an overall estimate of homemade meals will cost you anywhere around Rs 800-Rs 1000 as Indian Spitz Monthly Food Expenses.

But yes! If you choose to give your dog premium food available in the pet shop market such as pedigree, Benny’s bowl, Royal Canin, or Canine Creek. Which can be a bit costly thus the monthly cost would be around Rs1,500 to Rs3,000

Pro tip- always get suggestions/advice from the breeder you have purchased from or the vet for their food. As in some rare cases, there can be health concerns or allergies to certain food formulas.

Grooming Expenses of Indian Spitz

Indian Spitz have long thick coats and it needs to keep them neat and clean. Also, taking care of their bathing, nails, and hair trimming is necessary. I will suggest you buy a normal brush(50rs), a double side pet brush(250rs), a tick flea brush(150rs), a Dog Shampoo(300rs), nail clipper(250rs). These are some basic grooming expenses for Indian Spitz Dogs you will need. So, a total of 1000 rupees you will need for Indian Spitz Grooming Expenses. Also, a pet bed(500rs) is required but it is optional. You can make your own comfortable bed.

Grooming Expenses of Indian Spitz

If you are a new pet owner then you can learn here about Indian Spitz Grooming Guide.

Overall we have estimated the monthly cost of grooming Indian Spitz dogs based on experience which comes to around 1000-1500 rupees. Indian Spitz Grooming Cost is not something you need every month. Just buy the required items once and you can go for 2 years with one time buy.

Vaccination Cost of Indian Spitz Dog

Knowing about Vaccination is very crucial if you own a dog. Vaccination cost comes under Indian Spitz Yearly Expense. This vaccination is necessary for your dog to fight against viral diseases like Parvo, rabies, canine distemper, etc. And as a total Indian Spitz Expense, you have to count vaccination too.

Vaccination includes deworming, tick treatment, and Lyme disease. A core combination vaccine should be given at the age of 8 to 10 weeks of age and then can be repeated annually.

Considering all the treatments for vaccination we estimated the overall cost of vaccination is around 3,500- 5,000 INR annually.

Training Cost of Indian Spitz Dog

Who doesn’t like their dog to be well-trained and respectful towards people, here training plays a vital role in shaping a dog’s attitude. Indian Spitz dogs are intelligent and consistent in learning as well as obedient enough to follow commands comparatively. These dogs are not that easy to train but not that hard too.

Training an Indian Spitz from their Puppy age is best to teach and train them easily. Also, do not skip training as they can get very obstinate and simply do whatever they want to do without caring for others. Learn from our Experts about How to Train an Indian Spitz for Obedience here.

Hence we came up with an overall estimate of 200-500 INR of treats to train them on your own. Also, if you want to train from a trainer, it may depend on the location you are staying and the professionalism of the dog trainer which also increases your Indian Spitz Monthly Expenses.

Spaying Cost of Indian Spitz Dog

Spaying is a common surgical procedure, in this procedure, the ovaries and the uterus both are removed surgically in order to sterilize a female dog. We recommend you spay your Indian Spitz dog at 6-7 months old or likely even older. Spaying is important for every pet parent as it will slash the risk of your Indian Spitz dog for mammary cancer which is fatal in about 60% of dogs. So let’s come down to the price of spaying your Indian Spitz dog

On average spaying an Indian Spitz dog in India may cost you anywhere from 3,000- 10,000 INR. It may also differ depending on the quality of the vet clinic/hospital.

NOTE– Government-run veterinary hospitals provide cost-free surgery. There are NGOs available for animals that do not charge any price for spaying or neutering.


  • Bed
  • Small collar
  • Leash
  • Water bowls
  • Toys

These are some extra Indian Spitz expenses that will purely depend on the lifestyle you wanna provide your Indian Spitz dog. And how luxurious you wanna make it. There are reasonable toys, beds, collars, and other pet-related accessories available in the market that are affordable thus the average estimate comes around 200-300 INR based on your choices.


How Much Does an Indian Spitz Cost in India?

The average Indian Spitz puppy is priced at around 4,000 to 7,000 INR.

Can I make some cost-cutting in Indian Spitz Monthly Expenses?

Yes, you can provide your dog with homemade food and toys that will decrease your monthly expenses for your pet.

Final Words: Indian Spitz dogs are low-maintenance dogs compared to others. They do not need a lot of food, and they do not need a lot of shampoo or other care products. All they need is a little extra care and love. Base food and Basic grooming needs are the main expenses for an Indian Spitz. If you take care of your dog properly then you will not need anything extra medical needs in the future.

I hope you have a good idea of Indian Spitz Expense and Indian Spitz adoption cost in this article. Explore more amazing guides and tips on PawfactsNGuide.

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